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Man’s life hangs in the balance with a three days erection after taking sex drugs..

Man’s Life Hangs In The Balance With A Three Days Erection After Taking Sex Drugs..

A overtly excited man has been hospitalized and treated for a three days persistent erection after taking a sex enhancement drug.

The man whose identity has not been revealed yet is hospitalized in the Specialist Hospital 270, city of Reynosa around the US-Mexico border.

According to Peruvian Newspaper La Republica, the yet to be revealed man got overly excited when he came across a 30 year old woman whom he’s been dreaming to have for a long time now.

The man had travelled from the city of Reynosa all the way to Veracruz to purchase the unhealthy drugs for sexual boost.

The drug which he’s reported to have taken, is a substance used in breeding the uncastrated adult male of domesticated cattle or oxen known as bulls.

The drug is used by farmers in the region of Veracruz to stimulate bulls for insemination for productivity purposes.

The individual, who the hospital is trying hard to maintain his John Doe identity received urgent surgery at the Specialist Hospital 270 in the US-Mexico border city of Reynosa after checking in with the disturbing and excruciating condition.

A doctor told newsmen that the man has been hospitalized with a three day erection condition, they had to perform an urgent surgery to release the pressure from his muscles to avoid further complications.

There’s has not been any update about his condition after the surgery but the doctors are optimistic of positive change, however they fear for what his sexual state might be for sometime after the process.


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