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The repeated utterances of the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, allegedly denigrating the traditional institution in the state have now began to attract reactions from some stakeholders in the state.

In his reaction, a Kalabari born chief, business mugul cum politician, Chief Ibiosiya Nathaniel Sukubo viewed Governor Wike’s utterances as a desecration of the traditional stools and a direct affront on its occupants in the state.

Chief Sukubo argued that the actions of Governor Wike is demeaning to the office of a state governor and a clear indication that he is unfit to occupy that exalted office.

In a statement made available to iSN in Port Harcourt, Chief Sukubo, who is also the spokesman of Offoinama community in Kula Kingdom, recalled governor Wike’s recent unprovoked comment against the Amayanabo of Kula Kingdom and the threat to dethrone the Amayanabo of Kalabari as unwarranted.

He also said Governor Wike is busy promoting ethnic interests at the expense of the unity, progress and development of Rivers State.

“I state with indignation the continuous vilification of the Kalabari traditional institution and indeed the riverine people of Rivers State.

“It is a wanton and unwarranted display of ethnic jingoism in the state. Unwarranted because most of us are linked today due to inter marriage.

“Its either you are partly Ikwerre or Okrika or Ogoni or the several other parts of the state.

“so creating ethnic disparities is not healthy for the growth and development of the state.

“Earlier, it was the ancient stool of the Amayanabo of Kula, then the cloak of ntoorism, and then, the planned desecration of the coveted pre-colonial stool of the Amayanabo of Kalabari and currently, the comical shaking of head of the traditional ruler of Omuma people with Uthsman Dan Fodio cap.

Chief Ibiosiya Nathaniel Sukubo, in the statement titled: “The Menace Of A Governor”; lamented that Governor Wike led Rivers State Government has not attracted any investor to the state, rather the attitude of the governor has chased away investors.

He noted that Governor Wike’s recent fight against BelemaOil and its Managing Director, Engr Twin Jackrich Jnr is an evidence to prove his assertion.

“First, it was Engr. Tein Jackrich and Belemaoil; another is the unholy intervention in OML 25 and OML11.

“Governor Wike, there is no appellation of excellency in you but a glorified classroom monitor. A miss match of the highest order and a curse on the good people of Rivers State. It is a share display of megalomania and vitriol.

“A wise leader will surround himself with investors and not to discard or bring them down.

“Engr. Tein Jackrich and Belemaoil have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the state.

“He has eased the burden of governance in the state through his rapid employment strategy and implementation. He has contributed to the drastic reduction of criminality in the state.

“Evidence abound. A call for the Kalabari people is an act of psadomasochism under the planned desecration of ancient landmarks and pre-colonial stools of Kula and the Amayanabo of Kalabari.

“We the OML 25 communities and indeed the Kula people are satisfied with the peaceful resolution and agreement midwifed by President Muhammadu led Federal Government with NNPC and Shell.

“We encourage you, Your Excellency, to support young entrepreneurs or investors to come and develop the communities and the state at large.

“We also plead with you not to tamper with the ancient landmarks of the Kula and Kalabari people or denigrate any other stools in the state without any cogent reasons

“Those kingship stools are sacred and coveted by the people. Kindly save the traditional institutions in the state.

“Finally; Rivers State is one and creating any form of dichotomy and vitriolic diatribe is unacceptable”, he concluded


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