11 ways to get a Man propose to you


I have been dating this guy, I don’t know why he refused to propose. What can I do to make him seal the deal?

1. Let him know you can slip out of his hand; he shouldn’t be thinking you don’t have life outside that relationship. Keep the door open for other men until you see commitment in that relationship. This is not all about double dating. How can you been in courtship for 3, 4, 5 years even more, and you are chasing serious men away because of one unserious guy somewhere. He keeps giving excuses, those excuses are not true, shake the table he will run fast and propose if he actually loves you.

2. Show less concern about the relationship. Never shows a man that you are more concern about that marriage than he do. Desperation will make him lose interest on you.

3. Don’t worry him with calls. When you call a man ones in a while that call become special to him. You are busy calling all the time meanwhile he’s busy calling the one he actually loves. That’s why you pay him a surprise visit he gets angry. Why don’t you call me before coming? How can you just bang into my house like that. When he starts saying that, know that he’s getting tired of you.

4. Don’t make your self too available, be scarce. Even if you are not doing anything, tell him you are busy. He should know you have other things to pursue outside him. Some of you will be running around him every time, posting his pics always on social median. You are just fooling your self.

5. Be independent. Men loves independent and busy women. Let him be the one complaining you are too busy. You have a dream to pursue, don’t be a liability and be dumping your frustration on him. If you do he will run away. No man wants a liability. You have other things to offer apart from your body let him know that.

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6. Give him space. Men loves privacy. Don’t be going through his phone to know who calls and all of that. When you start doing that he might lose interest on you.

7. Minimise jealousy. Jealousy can be good to some extend that’s a prove you actually value the relationship but don’t take it too far. You hear some ladies, I have been calling, your phone is busy, who were you calling? Why didn’t you pick my calls and all of that; mind your business my friend, he knows where his heart belong stop monitoring him everywhere.

8. Don’t pressurise him to marry you. When you do you have suddenly remove that sweet taste in that relationship. Even if you succeed, you won’t enjoy that marriage. You hear him saying, I didn’t plan for this, you force me into it.

9. Don’t show him that you love him but show him that you respect him. That’s what the Bible teaches. Wife, respect and submit to your own husband. Let him be the one to love you more than you do. Use your virtue to win his love.

10. Don’t honour every of his date. Sometimes decline politely. Oh, I would have love to, but I have some things to do. Maybe when next I will try and make it up to you. When you finally honour his date, he will value and respect you. These are secrete I wish all ladies can know this. And when you out with him, be watching time, tell him you have limited time to spend with him. Honestly, if you can follow this principles he will run and seal the deal.

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11. By Wisdom Communicate to him that others are coming.use wisdom. Like I said before decline politely. Don’t be rude. Be friendly and at the same time be difficult. Apply wisdom lest you chase him away.

Ikechi Akpuh.




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