Rivers State under Wike has made no progress in employment creation – Dakuku


“ Rivers State under Wike has made no progress in employment creation. The indicators are there . No successful business / investment have been attracted to the state , government has not paid attention to creating industries and has not provided the environment for private investment to thrive “

“Few projects embarked upon by Wike and his team have no direct linkage with the local economy . Rivers people are not in any way benefiting from the projects and rivers people are getting impoverished “

“Our local economy in Rivers State has literarily collapsed . 3 indicators , in the property market , residential vacancy rate is high and property appreciation is low . Our competitiveness is the lowest when compared to our peer cities , and no jobs are being created “ .

“ Yes Wike has built a few flyovers and I am sure that is what Marshall Obuzor refers to as infrastructure . Flyovers doing at what cost? No traffic study and awarded without due process , no advertisement , no linkage to the local economy . Flyovers concentrated on two major roads and two LGAs smacks of shortsightedness “

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