A big shoe Amaechi left in the leadership of his political team in ikwerre ~ Benson Nwachukwu.


Amaechi indeed left a very big shoe in the leadership of his political team in ikwerre.

As speaker of Rivers state House of Assembly from 1999_2007,he was the leader of pdp ikwerre.

On assumption of office as governor and leader of pdp Rivers state in October 2007,he handed over leadership of ikwerre to hon elder Chidi Frank wahioka.

Thereafter amaechi appointed hon chibuike ikenga leader of Apc ikwerre,a position he is currently occupying.

The crux of the matter is that hon ikenga is a younger version of amaechi in leadership,he is communicative and energetic exposed.He is well intentioned and vocal to provoke dialogue and healthy exchange of ideas that stimulates the growing of Apc ikwerre and beyond.with ikenga on the lead Apc ikwerre is experiencing a tremendous growth in terms of membership and internal democracy.


AMAECHI was right in choosing ikenga to lead his footsoldiers and political marine commandoes in Apc ikwerre,he is a jet_age leader with jet_age ideas that is helping to coordinate the many challenges faced by Apc ikwerre.

IKENGA believes in the unity of members of ikwerre Apc,he See’s it as one of the weapons that can be used to defeat any strong force and opposition.

He is a communicator, who is very much at home.with the numerous diversities associated with politics.He is a leader that is not reclusive,but quick in taking decisions on time and occasions.

With all this ikwerre Apc have not gotten to the Eldorado’s,but his complete new approach of doing things in the party is putting Apc ikwerre on the fast lane of success.

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With ikenga Apc ikwerre is not in a hopeless situation as some people could believe.His wearing the very big shoe which AMAECHI left behind poses a great challenge to him,but with his pro_activeness and walking the Amaechi’s style, will help him in furthering the shaping of the party.

Thanks to ikenga,he is doing very well,and he is providing leadership,he is cultivating Apc ikwerre the more in his brainstorming process in order to tailor his leadership initiatives to the party which he inherited from his principal RT HON CHIBUIKE ROTIMI AMAECHI con,hon minister of transportation of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Finally,HON CHIBUIKE IKENGA is a political brain box,and he is walking the talk of amaechi with the big shoe very well.2023 will tell how well ikenga walked with this shoe.


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