Abba Kyari And Covid-19: A Country Of Hypocrisy ~ Princewill Dike


The former Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari,Abba Kyari,Friday kicked the bucket-death occasioned by COVID-19 complications.

Abba Kyari and COVID-19 had further exposed the inherent contradictions in our polity.It quickly calls to mind that epic novel of George Orwell,Animal Farm.In the novel,the Pigs who are in rein of governance had decreed that:

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“All animals are equal,but some animals are more equal than others”.

Rather than be treated in an isolation centre as he tested positive for coronavirus,Abbas Kyari elected for a private health facility in Lagos State.

Prior to his demise,the Minister of Information and Culture,Lai Mohammed had said that remains of the COVID-19 victims would not be handed over to family members for burial. But in Abba Kyari reverse became the case.

His corpse was flown in from Lagos to Abuja, Defence Guest House for funeral service and subsequently onward march to Gudu Cemetery in Abuja for internment.

It was witnessed in both scenes that the standard protocols of physical distancing were not observed wherein there were mass congregation in the COVID-19 funeral!

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In UK the Prime Minister had set a beautiful paradigm.

When the United kingdom Prime Minister,Boris Johnson fell victim for the virus, he was admitted in a public health system, St.Thomas Hospital,alongside other patients of the pandemic.

Nigeria would not emulate such beautiful example.

The major bane of Nigeria therefore is hypocrisy. Nothing is more agonising as preaching what one does not practice!In our clime, some animals are more equal than others. Nigeria!



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