Amaechi, In The Face Of Many Betrayals ~Benson Nwachukwu


Rt hon chibuike Rotimi Amaechi have complained severally of being betrayed by his closest friends,of which some served under him as chief of staff,or commissioners to some he influenced their appointment as ministers,and some he gives ticket without going through party primaries, and also sponsored their elections in what ever positions as state Assembly members,house of Rep and even Senate

Betrayal(Betray) is defined as,to deliver into the hand of an enemy by treachery or fraud, in violation of trust to give up treacherously or faithless.

But his name CHIBUIKEM have continued to play a role in his overcoming many betrayal “chibuikem meaning God is my strength”

Most recently we read on social media the many assults from those betrayals,worgu bom and Tony okocha calling their former boss names,maybe sponsored by their pay masters for what ever reasons best known to them..


Considering the raising political profile of AMAECHI,one will not hesitate to say that they are in a jittery mood,hence the continued assault on him.

But they fail to understand that AMAECHI is a man full of grace,the more you fight him, the more he grows

The far have led them into ganging _up against him,and confronting him at every turn,they have become so desperate that they go about embarrassing and disgracing themselves in the false thinking that by so doing they will destroy AMAECHI.

However,it is interesting to observe that they have not been able to gang_up among themselves.If they are not meeting as a group,they are meeting in clusters to conspire against themselves.when they are frustrated they insult AMAECHI,in the false belief that he is the problem of RS Apc.

Since 2014 they started their gang_up they have been depleting in numberd and increasing in factions.

Of course the alliance of persons who are misled by over ambitious persons,who can not see anything good in any other man,is condemned to failure and shipwreck,since they are manifestly unable to develop better ideas than AMAECHI.

I say this in the knowledge that worgu bom and Tony okocha are hunted by fear,not of AMAECHI,but of their own shadows.In the word of President Roosevelt,”there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

AMAECHI should have nothing to fear whatsoever of persons who are unable to maintain their own factions or a club of bedfellows which claims to in alliance.


It is in the public knowledge that some persons,have boasted that, they will continue to fight AMAECHI and RS Apc to a standstill.To them destroying AMAECHI and RS Apc is more important than removing Pdp and gov wike from government house.

However it is important to close ranks with the leader of Apc Rivers state RT HON CHIBUIKE AMAECHI, they should sacrifice some personal Ambitions in the interest of RS Apc,they must always remember that there more parties to fight.if truly their claim of being members of Apc


He have raised himself far above the political mud,and those who are in it and strive to splash it on his cooperate body, do not only waste their time,but also will end up by covering themselves out of recognition,with thick layers of mud.

AMAECHI must not make the mistake whatsoever the temptation or provocation,of climbing down into the muddy arena to do battle.hence his footsoldiers,the likes of Eze chukwuemeka Eze and others are fully loaded to handle the media war


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