Another day to sorrow: Story of a may called Chinda (Final Episode)


Another day to sorrow, she’s 1month pregnant, HIV positive also suffering from sexual harassment.

Chinda had just gone to work, his promotion and transfer latter are out, but his must undergo medical, after his medical testing, he tested positive to Hiv, his heart is broken, to him its impossible.

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His company dropped him, his struggle and hard earn integrity has been lost for a minor, he gets home in tears, she went to break the news of her pregnancy whiles chinda told her his medical status.

She replied, remember that day, i told you i was sick but you didn’t listen now you see what you’ve caused for yourself, tears like a river as he has meet his doom.

She ran home, dropped a latter and committed suicide. Due to the content of the latter, Chinda, her mother, Step Father and Chinda’s younger brother were arrested and will face trial.

Final Episode 



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