Apologizing is one of such ways of doing good deeds.


    In life everybody makes mistakes without exceptions.

    Doing good deeds have double benefits by making the doer feel good and helping the intended recipient, as well.

    There is this chorus of a song sang in my language saying, “Apology o… Apology o… ane bere-fama ye…”Meaning – “Apology was what was used to settle the dispute.”_

    Most of us are terrible at apologizing and it’s true.

    The song lyrics from the musician Blue featuring Elton John says -“Sorry seems to be the hardest word” was a reality in major cases.

    Most times it is better to lose the fight so that you may win the war eventually.

    Learn to back down, even if you are clearly in the right and the other person is in the wrong.

    Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.” “Anonymous”.

    While it may be satisfying to prove your points, consider which is more important to you – is it arguing to prove a point until you have ground the other person’s self-esteem into the ground and destroyed the relationship, or backing down and retaining the relationship?

    Think about it.

    There are people who try to argue that white is black and black is white.

    Even when you show them insurmountable evidence, a very convincing proof, they never back down.

    Always be ready to give way, lose arguments, concede and admit that you are wrong.

    These simple steps can be taken to make an apology:

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    Express remorse, As simple as “I’m sorry,” or “I apologize” will do the magic.

    Admit you are responsible

    Admit responsibility for your behaviour and actions, and acknowledge what you did.

    Try and make amends, You need to take action to make the situation right. Never make empty promises you can’t keep please.

    Make a Promise it won’t happen again, Make a reassurance that you’re going to change your behaviour, for this is vital for repairing the relationship and rebuild the trust with the person. Honour the commitment to prove accountability and trustworthiness.

    Remember to do it graciously and wholeheartedly, not with grudge.

    Swallow your pride because it is more important to be credible and to repair long-term relationships than to be proved right.

    Apologizing is a good deeds showing your level of maturity and how high your level of morality is.

    Do you gained value, share with me what you think…I really love to learn from you too.


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