AS LIFE SCHOOLED ME ~ Daniel Henacho Eluke ( Ezeoha)


I gained admission into a School in the late 1970s. Yes, it’s a School, indeed, Life is a School! It’s not only a School, though, this depends on your stance. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions.

Life is a Journey that has its Ups and Downs ! It’s not all pleasurable as one might want to think. It has a tripartite phase- THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY.

How you confront or face its ugly realities is dependent on what you have learnt when being grilled by Life itself. Can you imagine that? It’s Life that will tutor you on how to face and withstand Life Challenges ! You see, Life is both a Great Institution and Experienced Tutor!


Life is a Race. It’s not a Sprint that requires an Athlete who possesses SPEED to always emerge tops. No. Never! But, it’s a MARATHON RACE. All you need to come out tops is ENDURANCE.

Those who travel on the fast lanes , most often, end destructively or catastrophically. Do not be deceived by the WHITE THIRTY TWO they flash at you in a face to face discourse.

That disposition is wholly deceptive. Do not be mesmerised by the outflow of flowery complimentary remarks they make in your presence.

Neither will you be fooled by their cries or outbursts when you grieve ! They are sons and daughters of Lucifer , who savours in PRETENCE and LIES. Look beyond their faces and deploy your INNERMOST EYES to see their HEART OF HEARTS and know how they feel about you.

Do not be hypnotised by the kind words they exhume from the Oracular Book and use same before you. You should be worried about their true state of minds behind your back. I mean their diction at your absence!

How can one know all this ? The answer is plainly simple. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. Their actions can’t tell lies. How they will act and react when issues pertaining to you are raised goes a long mileage to truly reflect on how they see you either in your absence or presence.

Life has taught me that it’s ONLY JEHOVAH GOD that is the GIVER & SUSTAINER OF LIFE. No mere mortal, no matter, how highly placed can lay claim to this incontrovertible truth.

At this point, you can’t foreclose the excesses of your foes who might assume the role of the ONLY SUPREME BEING.

In Life, there must be PROTAGONISTS AND ANTAGONISTS! The moment anyone begins to play god in this manner, my siblings, please flee away! Yes, God can use a human to assist you attain your goals in Life but do not hesitate to end the relationship whenever the mortal begins to think himself as your GIVER & SUSTAINER OF LIFE.

Do not hesitate to sever the relationship whenever it goes leprous!

In Social or Marital relationships, one partner always holds the key or binding force that keeps the SHIP SAILING! Life taught me that it’s always the strongest and the bravest of the partners .

YES, the one that will always say ; ‘Am SORRY’, not because s/he is wrong, but just to keep the relationship afloat.

If you are in any relationship and find it utterly difficult to say “SORRY”, then, my siblings, you are not a strong or brave person and as to be expected, you are not the holder of that Union.

Life has taught me to always FORGIVE those who may/ might have offended you in the past. Whenever you forgive anyone of transgressions against you, your ELEVATION will remain in SUFFICIENT SUPPLIES from THE ABOVE. Christ teaches this Principle in the Holy Scriptures. Remember OUR LORD’S PRAYER.

It’s Wisdom to act the fool and gain and Folly to act the sage and lose. When in Service to Humanity, do all within your powers and reach to ensuring that you live above board and bid to satisfy your CONSCIENCE. Do not wish to have any form of dealings with Men or Women who have DEAD CONSCIENCES.

Politics is not all about the betterment of the citizenry or the society. It’s a hoax! The game, simply, is to enrich your purse and embezzle from the National Treasury and keep reserves for your 10th generations unborn.

That’s what it is for more than 99.9% players of the game in our Climes today. To worsen matters, the dullards lead, while the intellectuals follow.

Those who have the intellectual Will Power to govern effectively or proffer solutions to some of our socioeconomic & political challenges are usually barred from Power.

For anyone to be elected or so appointed ( in most cases), one must have clinical antecedents of notoriety in Cultism, Occultism, Armed Robbery and Kidnapping.

Any moment you are found lagging behind in any of those antisocial demeanour, you will be considered as a back number and a JEW MAN.

Always count on those who come around you when you are not in Power. Those are your true friends and loyalists. Not those you encountered in Office. They are “Fakest ” of all Fakes. Your Secondary School Classmates or Mates are far much useful and helpful than your University Course mates or Colleagues.

Do not wish to have a Pharaoh as your boss or leader. It will usually take an intervention of Jehovah God via a Moses to let go from Egypt. He will perpetually want you to remain in Servitude as the Biblical Pharaoh of Egypt. You will have to fight your way through. He will never empower you. If you don’t realise yourself earlier enough, you may die more pauperised than ever before. That’s Loyalty to some ‘ empty coconut skulls’. My admonition is this; QUIT, the moment you realise that your Oga is a Pharaoh. He will never cease to pretend that he loves you in the public domains but deep down his heart of hearts, he does not care or love you a bit.

ALWAYS give out to the Needy or the Poorest of the Poor within your Vicinity. It’s more blessed to give than to receive. The Bible acknowledges it.

LOVE conquers all other things. You must live a life that permits the LIGHT & LOVE of JEHOVAH GOD to dwell in you always. Let this guide your actions and inactions.

Life also taught me that Salutation is not Love. Majority is not always right. Though, this is a minus for Democracy. It remains a natural truth. Humanity detests Truth but relishes or savours Lies. The latter spread more like a wild harmattan fire. No matter how hard Darkness might thrive, it can never withstand Light. TRUTH!!!!!


Diligence or hard work pays. Even, the Alpha & Omega abhors indolence. Remember, No pains, No gains! Therefore , you have to work your chop!

LASTLY, do not be deceived by the increasing number of ANTICHRISTS masquerading as TRUE MESSENGERS OF THE WORD. They are truly CERTIFIED AGENTS OF THE LUCIFER who feign to be Workers in the Vineyard of the Holy Son of JEHOVAH GOD. They are real business men who are antithesis to what they preach. COVID-19 & HUNVID-20 are real and they can be conquered through Heavenly Interventions.

HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!


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