Biafra Story: How my Father lost his millionaire younger brother for a biafra that never was! – Oby Ndukwe


It is rather amusing rather than amazing that majority of those calling for war and sponsoring chaos in Nigeria were not born during the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-1970.

It is even more disgusting that most of those aiding are abetting them were part of that unforgettable history.

Worse still are those whose families suffered unimaginable losses in man and material yet, they keep prodding on the ignorant ones.
Has War ever left any side better off?

The Victor remains stigmatized for life while the vanquished is not only victimized but marginalized.

The issues that led to the first Civil War are far from being over. Not because we lack the capacity to bring them to extinction, instead we have continued to either exhibit the conqueror tendencies or we exhude the defeated mentality.

There is no conscious effort to come to a middle ground. And so the rivalry goes on unabated.

It is said that if young lad does not inquire of what killed his father, that same thing is capable of also killing him- a popular proverb from Eastern Nigeria.

In all our legitimate demands for equity, justice and freedom, let the voice of reason resonate!
The scars and the memories of the first war are still evergreen.

It would be nice if this generation could dance with their fathers again!

Rest in peace Uncle Chinyekwam Ndukwe Snr. and all other sons of Eastern extraction who died for an impossible cause.

– Oby Ndukwe

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