Chief O. J. Akiri’s Masterpiece On Chukwuemeka Eze’s Article, And His Advice To Destructive Elements Within APC Rivers State.



Esteemed Party faithfuls, I am particularly enthused by the recent write-up by one of our APC Chieftains, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, whose numerous admirers have diversely decorated with the french aviational jet term le bombardier , and let me add mine le décrypteur par excellence.

In his style of methodical and pedagogical dissecation, he hit the nail on the head by positively arousing the consciousness of most of our faithful APC members to the reality and unsuppressible victory, that indeed emanated from the trenchant confirmatory letter of APC’s National Head of Legal Services—Dare Okedade Esq, in which he unambiguously declared our own Barrister Isaac Abott Ogbobula as the undisputably sworn-in Caretaker Chairman of Rivers State APC.
Chief Chukwuemeka Eze poignantly drove home the prime import of that letter in the following terms:

“the scheme (of the hirelings) to plunge the party into another crisis has met its irreversible waterloo”

The emphasis are mine. It would seem that we were all initially in somnolent amnesia, when that letter was read until le bombardier emerged to awake us to the inherent joy in the letter. At first, we did not consider this state of victorious euphoria sufficiently reflected in the reverberative buzzes in our platforms

You may not blame our members, as the combative and restless hirelings would not let go in their avowed intent to cripple the APC in R/S. They continued unabated with their dampener-mantra of confusing and divisive falsehood. They hyped the tenor and centrifugal content of their antagonistic rhetorics.

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Now decipher for yourself their hollowness and puerile penchant for causing confusion where there should be none, even after reading the following from the National APC Head of Legal Services, and I quote him verbatim:
“We have checked through our records at the National Secretariat and found out that these persons are not officers of the party in Rivers State”

In clear and unmistakable terms therefore, there is only ONE APC State Caretaker Committee of which the Chairman duly sworn-in and handed the mantle of Leadership is Barrister Isaac Abbot Ogbobula. Any other fellow claiming that position is a pitiable, pretentious and criminal impersonator.

We must remember that even the Fox News in the USA, which had disappointingly continued to churn out Donald Trump’s frustratingly fascist trash for most of his better forgotten earlier tenure could not help censoring and even rejecting the latter’s bogus and unevidenced allegations of vote-rigging by his Democratic rival, gentleman Joe Biden. They did that in the unavoidable necessity for adherence to the barest demands of the ethics of the Journalism profession.

It is in the same vein that we are calling on all our truly APC platforms NEVER to succumb to to the pressure of disseminating the divisive trash and falsehood emanating from the hirelings and their beggarly beneficiaries. This appeal is further extended to our major national news media, who pay undue attention to the fallacies vociferated by these disgruntled hirelings and infantile “courtocrats”

I am advising these veiled moles to hold their breath until our great Party the APC attains the stage of organising its Congresses. But the moles are neither craving for the advent or outcome of that decisive moment as it will irremediably deflate their bloated and mouthed egos. I can only volunteer them this Nostradamic prophecy, that any candidate they may choose to pitch against the disciplined and loyal disciples of the much loved and charismatic Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who in the first place made these treacherous ingrates, will fail so woefully.
Such a one may even be the phoney arrangee “APC Chairmen” after the elections of the R/S “INDEPENDENT” ELECTORAL COMMISSION, envisaged for the first quarter of next year. They may be surprised to know that their secret plans are already in the Public domain. Oh yes, for perceptive credibility, the moles may be gifted some “APC” arrangee “Chairmen” to provide them some naira muscle. The labourer is worthy of his hire, however dirty the job.

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Nevertheless, we warn that even the Court Judges are beginning to fear for their professional reputation, because of the exhibited impunity by these ill-advised and unfazed “Courtocrats”.
You recall that even in the USA, the quest for acknowledgeable personal intergrity drove the Judges, some of whom were Trump’s appointees to the Supreme Court, to rather be part of the majority ruling that threw overboard his oozing cesspool of unsubstantiated vote-rigging suit.

Chief O. J. Akiri is a Chieftain of APC from
Ahoada Eest LGA.
He was a former
Principal Secretary Rivers State Govt House and Former Permanent Secretary Rivers State Ministry of Information


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