Chris Finebone Describes Governor Wike’s Government As Leprosy, As He Reacts To His Broadcast


The Former State Publicity Secretary of APC Rivers State, Hon. Chris Finebone  reacts to Governor Wike’ broadcast, He describes his Government as Leprosy.

In line with my decision not to join issues with anyone or the Rivers State Government on Covid-19 pandemic matters, I will not respond to the issues raised by Gov. Nyesom Wike in his press briefing today.

I am convinced that to all those who either were present at the briefing or watched it on TV, or even those who listened on radio, the governor’s demeanour and utterances before the world during the briefing have sufficiently provided eloquent response to his briefing.

Therefore, it will be a waste of adjectives to try to qualify the briefing and the governor’s performance. The world saw and heard him.

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I am very sure that the corporate organisations he threatened with reprisal actions if they did not donate to the state Covid-19 fund can sufficiently speak for themselves.

However, I feel sad that the governor climbed down from the high office of governor to engage in name-calling and insult. The governor did not need to have taken it personal with me and Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze by referring to Chief Eze as that ‘Ibo boy’. In Africa, respect is given to age and I am sure that Chief Eze is years older than the governor.

In any case, I and Chief Eze never, directly or indirectly under any circumstances, canvassed, solicited or ever will accept anything under the leprous Wike government or his party in Rivers State.


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