Citizens Are The Trouble With Nigeria


Chinua Achebe in his seminal work,The trouble with Nigeria,rested the trouble of Nigeria simply and squarely on leadership,failures.But in a published article,I demurred with the great Achebe.The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely that of docile citizenry.

The leaders couldn’t have been playing chess with our destinies had we not consented to it.The great CRA had said that why corruption was permeating in our body politic was because citizens didn’t hurl pebbles on thieving politicians.Sad truth!

Ask all the great politicians I relate with,behind the scene,I do tell them the right thing to do,and criticise them where they are derailing.

In 2014,when my beloved brother cum dear friend,Dr.Dakuku Peterside invited me to know his new Port Harcourt residence,having left government quarters,in the course of our discussion,I talked into his talk,as I told him:”Sir,I want you to succeed Amaechi as Governor.But should you succeed him and be derailing from good governance,I will criticise you,notwithstanding our relationship or if I am in your government”.

On several occasions,our own DAP had told me that I am one man who tells them the bitter truth and that my type is not two!

I will tell you the truth and tell you to take away that spoon with which I dine in your house!People say I worship CRA more than God,but without knowing that I am a thorn in CRA’s flesh.Sometimes I pity him,when I feel that I am adding to his pains.At a time the Minister told me did I not care for my future,that he was the only one who could empower me.He was troubled with what he complained about me,thus:”You have problems with respect”.A poor man who shoots his arrow without caring a hoot whose ox is gored.CRA is accustomed to people telling him what he wants to hear,but here is a poor chap,confronting him with what he does not want to hear.That is me!Had my relationship with the great CRA not made in heaven,it would have broken down irreparable.But he knows,just as the public,that I am his alter ego.But sadly,that version of him he would not tolerate to see in another fellow.

If Nigeria must better,we need citizenship education.But my dad,of sweet memory,an educationist,Chief EW Dike,told me that:

“For learning to take place,the teacher must be willing to teach and students ready to learn”.

Are the citizens ready to learn civic responsibility,their right?That is the trouble with Nigeria!Hmm!Think!I am just thinking!!

® Comrade Princewill A.Dike,Esq



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