Coalition replies Igo Agumas letter to the CA President.



The President, Court of Appeal

My Lord,

Re: Petition By A Faceless group in the Rivers state APC case.

We write to respond to a petition written by a faceless organisation promoted by the notorious Livingstone Wechie against the appeal which is due before your court .

Recall that this character,Livingstone Wechie, had appeared before the Senate ethics committee in 2015,to malign and prevent the ministerial appointment of Rt Hon Chibuike Amaechi.

He later confessed and apologised claiming to have been purchased and used by Gov Wike for that I ll fated assignment. Such a character should be in jail.

Now Livingstone Wechie is at it again. He has been repurchased! So no surprise at all that he is calling the name of an innocent man( Amaechi)again.


Rivers state APC woke up one morning to hear that a judge in Rivers state High Court has ordered the setting up of a CTC for APC and went further to appoint Mr Igo Aguma as Chairman!

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While we leave the legality or otherwise of this to you to determine, we shudder at the blackmail intended by Livingstone Wechie and co in there petition.

Why are they worried?

Why do they want to dictate to you how to do your work?

Who is behind this unnecessary crisis?

Why are they dragging the name of Minister Amaechi into it.?
Is he party to the case?

To the best of our knowledge, the man Amaechi has no time for petty issues of Rivers state Apc crises anymore. So why call his name.

Interestingly, Igo Aguma is no longer the Chairman of the CTC,haven been removed by 28 out of 38 members!
Livingstone Wechie, his propaganda parrot has therefore no business in this case anymore. The case is now, technically, between Dr Sokonte Davies, the new Chairman and Bar Ogbobule,the CTC Chairman who was sacked by the state high court.

Igo Aguma and Livingstone Wechie both of whom are from Port Harcourt City LGA are working for another Ikwerre PDP gubernatorial candidate Austin Opara,from same Phalga for 2023 Governorship of Rivers state.

The Apc crisis is being clandestinely designed and sponsored by Wike’s Government to further materialize this evil agenda. The plot is to foist a fait accompli on Rivers people come 2023 so that APC,the only threat they foresee come 2023 will not field a candidate against that PDP candidate,thereby denying the rest of us, Rivers people, a right to choose a successor to Gov Wike. Just imagine.

Few days ago, recall that Governor Wike swore to use every structure, money and institution at his disposal to destroy the Apc. It’s all part of the plan.Since Wike boasts of winning all cases,”even if the judges come from heaven “, Is it not clear why Apc has become his ludo board, churning out court orders from the courts in Phc against the APC in a most nauseating show of shame. No wonder people now call Rivers state courts, Governor Wike’s Supermarket. Two weeks ago, even his own party, the PDP, had cause to querry the Governor for the hasty injunction granted against Governor Obaseki by a high court in Port Harcourt!
Such is the infamy our judiciary has been reduced to.

My Lord,We urge you to do your work without fear or favour . There desperation is being stalled by your unquestionable integrity hence this blackmail. They know you can’t be bribed. Nigeria is safer with judges like you.

This is not the first time Appeals court has taken Rivers cases to Abuja.
We know they know that injustice was done.
There fear is understandable.

We call on Livingstone Wechie to change course. We know him. If he has conscience,he should take a deep breadth and look for a better work to do. Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it!! To be fore warned is to be fore armed.

Thank you Ma.

May God bless your reign as
President of the Court of Appeal.

Barr Inyee N.Tamunokoriari.

Engr Leedum Kpusira Lekue



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