Do You Like The Way Wike Is Ruling Our State? Lets discuss


    Under Wike’s administration, civil servants and retirees are owed arrears of salaries as though a labourer no longer worthy of his wages(1 Timothy 5:18). Or, a crime to serve one’s state meritoriously. No one hears of student bursary again.

    To add insult to injury(Wike is adding salt to our injury so that e go pepper us well well), Maj-Gen.Nyesom Wike donated 500m to Sokoto State over burnt market. And 200m to Benue State. Let us not go further mentioning other of his unenviable how-not-to be a magnanimous neighbour to other states. Alas, nothing has been said about Port Harcourt burnt markets! Nyerishi has just gone dumb over that.

    No small and medium scale industry witnessed, no employment generation, no human capital development since Wike mounted the saddle of governance in our state.

    When he wants to do something that should deserve commendation, he does in a wrong way, thereby scoring own goal. One would therefore say, this Nyerishi di egwu!

    His policy deliverables are either ill conceived or misplaced priorities. And in some of the cases, widow dressing.

    The state is almost manifesting indices of a failed state. Because of a Kwashiorkor administration. All we see is the primacy of politics over governance.

    Do you remember the Amaechi years with nostalgia? Are you fed up with Wike’s one-man-show maladministration? Then,go register with the APC.

    Party membership is one of the routes to electing the desired candidates/government.

    Therefore, subscribe to Rivers APC if you do not want a continuation of the PDP government beyond 2023. No talk say I no talk am o? Think! I am just thinking!

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    ~Comrade Princewill A.Dike,Esq

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