Don’t allow the fake, flashy and cosmetic life People are living on social media put unnecessary pressure on you. Some of them are hungry and empty – Marshall Israel


    Don’t allow the fake, flashy and cosmetic life
    People are living on social media put unnecessary pressure on you. Some of them are hungry and empty.

    You see that thing called “INSTAGRAM”, some people’s destiny and future have been destroyed in it. The kind fake life wey People dey live for Instagram dey make God and Satan fear. Believe People’s Instagram lifestyle at your own peril.

    Learn to live according to your means and source of income. Competition and lack of contentment has led many people into kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution, human trafficking, rituals, and Drug dealing and it’s attendant consequences.

    If you don’t have money for bolt, enter Keke or normal cab. I entered Keke yesterday and it didn’t make me a lesser human. My car got bad and I had no money for bolt and I flexed Keke. Na groove I groove.

    You must not live in Lekki, Victory Island, Asokoro, Maitama, D-Line and GRA. Living in those Places is good if you can afford it but don’t brag about it. It shouldn’t be for the purpose of impressing People. Rent an apartment where you can afford. “I fey live for Lekki” No wahala but when your rent expires, Pay without telling us to lend you money. We are okay in Oshodi, Ajegunle, Begger, etc.

    If you don’t have money for iPhone, use normal infinix or Techno etc. I dey flex my Infinix and Samsung. Life is all about up and down. If you don’t have money today, you May have tomorrow. Use your iPhone but don’t tell me to subscribe data for you.

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    After barbing and shaving one day at Jabi Mall in Abuja, the man told me it was Five Thousand Naira. I asked him if my hair won’t grow again? I argued with him and told him to ignore my dressing because na packaging. If it didn’t dey, it didn’t dey”. I later paid two thousand naira. I can afford the five thousand naira but at that moment, I wasn’t having and they didn’t tell me because they thought I knew the price as a big man “allegedly”. Under a normal circumstance, I won’t go there to barb. I dey mad? Na Jesus go barb me?

    You must not eat at Jevenik, Kilimanjaro, Pepperoni etc all the time. No wahala if you can afford it. But if you can’t afford it, cook at home with the money and you will have balance or “change”. It won’t make you a lesser human.

    Shawarma and pizza every day is not an issue if you can afford them but don’t use your last money to eat shawarma and pizza because you want to impress people.

    Na so one of my friends see people wey dey spray Money for wedding, him use our fuel money spray the couple because him wan show off. Our car off for road because fuel finish. We do POS, bank debit us but no cash. Na Only God know how we manage go house.

    If you can be going to Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt etc by air, no wahala if you can afford it. But don’t use your last money to book flight so that you will snap inside the aircraft and airport and Post on social media….
    just to impress people. There are good transport companies that can take you to wherever you are going.

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    As Commissioner, I have entered God is Good and GUO to Abuja several times because I wasn’t having enough to go by air. I didn’t tell anybody. Cover your nakedness. Life na packaging. Some of the people you are seeing as rich people are badly broke but they are packaging themselves.

    If you don’t have money to buy expensive and designers clothes and shoes, creams and perfumes, relax and buy the ones you can afford. Good thing no dey finish for market.

    Them no dey borrow money do wedding. Do you know that two years after wedding, some people will still be paying debts just because they wanted to do the best wedding to impress people. Plan your wedding with your income. If you like feed the entire Portharcourt on your wedding day, some people will still Complain. Some go say the food no sweet.

    Do something according to your level. There was a time I was struggling to travel to the UAE and they played me 419. But when the right time came, I didn’t just travel to UAE, I traveled to USA and Europe and other countries without hitches.

    Stop putting pressure on yourself to impress people. If you die, the world won’t stop moving. Be happy and be grateful to God and keep moving.

    Why she go request bolt when she no dey sure of him guy and she no get money? But the bolt guy wickedooo. If you dey go see your man, hold your transport so that you fit vex and threaten to go if your man do nonsense.

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