#ENDSARSNOW Protest: The the process for Police Reform is a process in the right direction – Joseph Odok PhD Esq


The the process for Police Reform is a process in the right direction. Monitoring implementation of the Government Reform process is key.

We can’t remain in the street, there should be an end to protest. Roadblocks is a no no no for me. This is especially so because of the economic realities after the Covid 19 lockdown. Nigerians do not merit the transfer of agreession against SARS. The poor are the ones at the receiving end of the ENDSARS road blocks that is stopping people from their businesses.

The fulcrum of #ENDSARSNOW protest is on protecting human rights and solving institutional corruption that has affected our economy. Nigerians are truly against Police brutality and rising to condemn the economic realities that have made Nigeria a crawling and sleeping giant @60.

EndSars protesters should not fall into the trap of what they condemn by infringing on the legitimate rights of Nigerians that are working to earn their living by blocking Federal Roads. The message of the #endsars can be passed and heard without blocking roads and stoping people from their legitimate business. Nigerians are too hungry to have our roads blocked thereby stopping people from going to work.

FG may keep some promises but many State Governors will frustrate the process. The implementation of minimum wage agreements should be an eye opener and an assessment of how Government will approach the honouring of promises of ENDSARS protest. Therefore the engagement should be ongoing until the right thing is done

Governance is more functional at Federal level than States and Local Government levels. Nigerian agitators should begin thinking on ways to focus on making State Governors and politicians to revive insolvent States and Local Government Areas. Focus should shift to Local Government autonomy, Autonomy of State Houses of Assembly and Judiciary, an end or reduced attachments of police to politicians, review of the constitution, electorial reforms and sanitization of INEC with a demand that all staff of INEC that are members of political parties be immediately sacked etc

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However it is getting important that the protest be suspended now and a time line given for government to fulfill it’s promises. It is time to retreat without surrendering. Kudos to the youth on the streets


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