Enugu State Government/Fidelity Bank Plc 2021 SME Micro Credit Lending Program | Apply Now



The Enugu State Government, through the Enugu SME Agency in partnership with Fidelity Bank Plc have launched the Enugu SME Micro Credit Lending Program.

The Enugu SME Centre (“Enugu SME” or “Agency”) is the State Developmental Finance Institution tasked with the purview of acting as a catalyst for job creation and facilitating easier access to resources required by entrepreneurs and investors in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), to achieve sustainable economic development in Enugu State.

Initiating and articulating policy ideas for small and medium enterprises growth and development; Promoting and facilitating development program, instruments and support services to accelerate the development and modernization of MSME operations.

Business line of credit made to provide working capital to small business owners from Enugu and operating in Enugu.


  • Single Obligor Limit – N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira Only)


  • One month moratorium and Ten (10) Months Repayment (11 months)

Interest Rate

  • 9% a year or 0.75% a month. Interest deducted upfront for loan period

Loan Eligibility

  1. Ndi-Enugu in credible economically businesses in Enugu State.
  2. Can apply as a business name or as an individual.
  3. Sufficient CRMS Report for anyone applying above N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only).
  4. All economically viable sectors and disabled.
  5. Verifiable means of identification.
  6. Submission of agreed documentation checklist for application.
  7. Free mandatory financial literacy training before disbursement.
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Implementation Method on How to process the Loan


For more information about the Enugu State Government/Fidelity Bank Plc 2021 SME Micro Credit Lending Program, kindly drop any question in the comment box below.

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