“Forget Money” love is blind- Lady speaks


Being in Love is one of the most amazing thing that can happen to any human on earth. Love according to the Bible is the greatest of all the commandments and when someone is in Love, that person can do and undo for his or her lover. He or She would break protocols, popular conventions and even go extra mile just to make sure their Lover is safe and fine.

Many people thinks money is greater than Love or it is an important thing that determines love but that’s wrong because a lot of people has proven to the World countless times that Money is just a material thing and it isn’t in anyway bigger than Love.

See Comment and Reactions below.

  • DAN SUNDAY: No be love o. Many of them are from Rich family but have health challenges. Their spouses are actually marrying their money, not them. Understand that

CHIDI PEACE: Anyway love is blind and if am to ask how old is grandpa

Q. HADASSAH: all these small husbands..let their wives out of misunderstanding , not throw them out of the window one day o…hmmmm.

PETER TOBE: what a feeling, that lady just carried her husband in her hands. what a feeling going on in husband

GLADYS AKACHUKWU: I didn’t see any love or whatsoever, they are in love with their money…. let’s tell ourselves the truth oo


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