Happy Independence Anniversary To Nigerians – Marshall Israel


Not only is Nigeria’s Independence Day a historic celebration which makes one remember and honour the mighty sacrifices our courageous leaders and fighters put forward for our country, but also a day to take pride, celebrate and respect our noble country’s rich honour, valour, rich history, culture and tradition.

Most importantly, the day makes us all remember the core value our country was built on…peace and freedom of expression.

Remembering our past is extremely important. But we also have to think about building our future. Let’s do everything to keep our freedom and carry it through the years.

The future, progress, and development of our great country do not depend solely on technological advancements but on how we build social cohesion and trust between our nation and its people….how the common man gets access to practical Justice.

Lets continue to fight against administrative injustice Andrew. Let’s continue to advocate for alternative dispute resolution as the only panacea for sustainable peace and development in Nigeria.

Let’s continue building a great nation we can all rely on and be proud of today and in the future.

As our flag flies free in the wind today, let’s take a moment to savour truly what freedom is; and at what cost it came.

Happy Independence Day.

Marshall Israel,
Federal Commissioner,
Public Complaints Commission,
Rivers/Bayelsa States.


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