Heartbreaking stories: Nigeria On A Backward Shift – Oby Ndukwe



Heartbreaking stories everyday of missing children, violated and murdered young ladies, kidnapped jobseekers, children stolen and sold, and killing for human parts.

Mothers are daily traumatized, wives are brutalized, husbands are killed and everyone is under pressure except for those who have acquired all the security they can afford, more than the numbers needed to secure our territories and the boundaries.

Yet, those who are guilty of these are sitting in judgment and proferring solutions that are nice to the ears but weak to be performed.

Everyone pointing fingers at somebody, yet, nobody is guilty of the rot that has eaten us from the root.

Those who have hijacked all what was meant to develop the regions have become the motivational speakers and letter writers in the order of Apostle Paul.

The drums of War continue, the threats of secession becoming louder, the external aggressors making more inroads and the bandits becoming more daring.

It is Anarchy! The storms shall cease but not without a monumental loss.

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