Hon. Boniface Emerengwa; Trickish Man With A Deaming Memory ~Kingsley Uchendu


The world knows how your wife controls your sense of reasoning and responsibility in your family. An act you allowed to affect your political life. Shame!

In response to the 7 sins of Nwanosike you sponsored against Engr Samuel Nwanosike, in your attempt to malign him. To put the records straight knowing that the Nwanosike is too busy to respond to you.

1. It is on record that the said piece of land belonging to Omuamadi family was illegally sold to Edo one sometimes in 2016 by destiny Amadi, Hycienth Amadi Kelvin weje, Elechi weje in collaboration with HRH Eze Prof Nweke who collected the sum of ₦500,000.00 in addition to the total sum meant for the land and other traditional rites and also joined to forcefully grab the family land of Omuamadi in Omuoduku in Igwuruta, who are the original owner/traditional ruling head of the 9 communities in Igwuruta, whose throne, the present Eze Prof Nweke has forcefully taken over from the family. However, the Eze knows that the throne had no link to his family, that in Ikwerre alone, it’s a sacrilege. That no reasonable person will encourage but BS Emerengwa is at fore.

That the said Eze encouraged hoodlums with dangerous weapons under his watch and supervision to go clear the piece of land in 2016, it is Upen that that the family forwarded to the Chairman of Ikwerre LGA council a safe our soul letter from Omuamadi family after the Chairman had made an announcement that land grabber will not operate in the LGA. The chairman upon receiving the letter, invited the parties for peaceful resolution of the matter, the royal Highness discouraged Edo one but thankGod, steps were taken and peace came into the family and the issues were resolved. It became a wonder solution for Royal Highnesses and BS Emerengwa and their co-traveller.

2. On issue of Palliative, B. S Emerengwa should bury his head in shame because at his level as a House of Representatives member, he couldn’t give palliative for his people, Igwuruta or Ikwerre Local people. It is on records that Samuel Nwanosike JP had provided two phases of Palliatives for Ikwerre local government people and is preparing for the 3rd phase. We demand that B. S Emerengwa should rather save himself of the troubles of public argument and contest regarding palliative since he could not provide any. Although we are aware that he preferred his in-laws than his people who elected him into office.

3. On the issue of Diversion of Council funds to build hotel in Owerri, we can understand that B. S Emerengwa is/was a paid agent when he invited the council boss, Samuel Nwanosike to advise him 2days after swearing in that he was a former council chairman, but all the money he gave, he could not get any appreciation for it, that the chairman should better his life out of the position by diverting the funds of Ikwerre Local Government Council. In any case, it is a shame that the chairman had surpassed him, B S Emerengwa as a Chairman. We call on B S Emerengwa to make available to public photographs and documents of such hotel building /hotel. Indeed, the chairman cannot be distracted by some loafers who do not have meaning for time.

4. The issue of forceful grabbing of land from Omuamadi family is rather unfortunate and all the members of the family are still alive and can attest to the correct position and in good situation as they have gotten victory over the issue.

5. On the issue of the deduction of 30% Salary is fallacious. As at today, the administration of Nwanosike Samuel had not paid or plan to pay half salary. However, the executive chairman had gone ahead to pay outstanding promotion arrears to council workers who are entitled to same since on the 10th of Nov, 2019.

6. The lease of land to access Bank PLC is a documentary transaction, so we shall advise BS Emerengwa as a lawyer to consult with the bank and verify the documents.

7. On the issue of throne, the holders of traditional stole in Ikwerre LGA, it is laughable that BS Emerengwa do not understand that traditional stoles are sacred reserved for the various towns and villages and it is within their exclusive preserve to select or project whoever that is traditionally positioned to hold such office. To say that it is the operation of the Chairman to dethrone traditional rulers is just unfounded and baseless. It also depict the shot sightedness of the man, BS Emerengwa.

8. In addition, if the fear that Mr BS Emerengwa is entertaining is that the original owners of the royal stole have risen up to the occasion, then Justice is knocking and he should therefore back off because the council Chairman cannot save him the needed opportunity on his behalf but the Igwuruta people will speak when they want to speak.

9. On Leadership, it’s rather unfortunate that Mr BS Emerengwa is complaining of disrespecting leaders of the party in Ikwerre LGA, but it is known that BS Emerengwa will insult Sir Celestine Omehia behind and come in the open to pretend to be loyal. In his thoughts and in his display, he had always wanted to take over the leadership of the party in Ikwerre LGA but first the people do not like him and in all it is God that gives power, hence we shall advise him to trade with caution.

10. Hon B. S. Emerengwa, however, should bear in mind that he cannot pull down Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike (JP) because the young passionate Chairman has already written his name in the sands of time that can never be washed away by any water.

11. The brand new Council Secretariat, landscaping of the Council premises and the projects scattered across the 13 Wards of the LGA by Hon Samuel Nwanosike can also be deduced as one of Hon B. S. Emerengwa’s jealousy to a young man who did everything possible to ensure that he won his election into the Green Chamber because he failed woefully to make any impact on the lives of Ikwerre people or leave behind any project in the Council’s premises.

12. Hon B. S. Emerengwa should desist from wasting his money by sponsoring people to malign the person of Hon Engr Samuel Nwanosike (JP), but rather channel those monies to providing palliatives to the people of Igwuruta and people of Ikwerre/Emuoha Federal Constituency.

13. In conclusion, we are minded to refresh the deam memory of Mr BS Emerengwa that during his reign as a council Chairman, he could not pay workers salary, could not do any project but converted money’s meant for council workers to his personal use and that nature has continued to hunt him till date. This is the third shot of Mr BS Emerengwa; first as Local Government Chairman, commissioner and now House of Representative member in public office. We want to state that Ikwerre people would want to know who and where his appointees are and what are his Political antecedents.

Presently, who are his legislative aides, if not his in-laws. In fact, it will amount to waste of time to fix a date to discuss Politics with BS Emerengwa because every opportunity given to him amounts to nothing.

14. Our assurance is that the developmental strides of Engr Samuel Nwanosike stands tall and is waiting for a challenge.

If there is anybody to challenge, such administrative mastery politically can not be BS Emerengwa.

Kingsley Uchendu
Concerned citizen
19th May, 2020.


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