I Will Not Sit Idly And Watch Ingrate Keep Demonizing Amaechi ~ Princewill Dike


    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing-Edmund Burke

    The Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is the pride of Ubima,a hitherto unknown community. He brought that geographical expression to limelight.

    And we both are of identical communal plumage-Omuordu, Ubima in Ikwere Local Government Area of Rivers State. Amaechi and I.

    When we were in the Amaechi government,the Chief Of Staff (now Governor), Nyesom Wike treated me with love and respect.

    He gave me money several occasions and gifted a perfume when back from abroad.

    When the brouhaha between Wike and Amaechi began rearing i had engaged Wike in telephone conversations.

    He explained own version of the narrative. I appealed that, for Ikwere interest,he tolerate Oga.

    Eventually, the cookie crumbled.And I was a beautiful bride to woo in decimating CRA.

    A strong voice from his homefront would validate the vile propaganda of the evil Amaechi.

    I knew Wike would be Governor should he throw his hat in the ring.And I told him so.

    But I was desperate to protect CRA even when I was not in talking terms with him. For me, blood is thicker than political office and wealth.

    Why did I not encamp with Wike against CRA?My heart quickly raced to Macbeth’s soliloquy on why he should not murder King Duncan (though vaulting ambition eventually drove him to quarry him), vide:

    “He’s here in double trust: First, as I am his kinsman and his subject, Strong both against the deed; then, as his host, Who should against his murderer shut the door, Not bear the knife myself”(Shakespeare:Macbeth).

    Now relate.

    (1) Amaechi gave me political appointment.

    (2) He did not sack me after the infamous anonymous sms,instead felt pained that SSS took it to the press.

    (3) Sponsored my law school and when I had ordinary malaria wanted me flown abroad before I impressed it on him that it was not that serious,so he gave me 250k for medicals.Hon.Ade Adeogun is a living witness.

    (4) Greater than all,he is my kinsman.For that reason,I should against his murderer shut the door and not bear the knife myself.

    You see why I couldn’t follow Nyesom Wike?

    To further buttress my posItion,this Ubima folklore is germane:The buck grimaces when the ram is slaughtered.You know why?They both are of common kinship.

    Now tell me why I should passively stand hand akimbo whilst CRA is demonized,painfully by the very folks he built from nothing to something?

    These are people who were to him what the Ubima would refer to as the:”Enyin ka nwanne”(Friend is greater than brother).

    Which genuine brother will be happy seeing the people his brother lifted from poverty to stupendous wealth and fame conspired to the forces of calumny, besetting the stage against him and:”Ingratitude stretches to treachery
    And wickedness outplayes chicanery:

    And shows of man’s inhumanity to man…”(The Hon.Mr.Justice MA Begho:The Dog-Bite Magistrate,Times Press Limited, Apapa, Lagos,1988,p.14.)

    Insofar as the ingrates are unashamedly spewing rubbish against CRA their benefactor, I will cause them sleepless night or nightmates when they do manage to sleep.

    Fire for fire and mud to mud to the morally bankrupt ingrates!

    But I should advice CRA to know,in the proverb of the Ubima,that: “When the corpse begin to stink, the friend that is greater than a brother will abandon it to the relatives”.

    Thus, you can see why I am defending and fighting CRA’s battle? You fire him, I fire you.

    No apology!


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