If you can see through hearts, you will know smiling faces are not strenghts of emotions. – Kama JimGeorge wrote.


    If you can see through hearts, you will know smiling faces are not strenghts of emotions.

    What people face behind the screen is a fallacy on the reality of what they go through.

    Some people look like the wrestler – Hulk Hugan when you see them physically, but deep down they are like puppies lying helplessly by the corner of the street with no shelter or anyone who could take care of it.

    Depression has rented my heart for some days days now, though it’s a normal occurrence causing me unproductivity many a times.

    I have gattered all the strength I could summon to kick it off the street but to no avail, because I have a kid glove for it.

    Sometimes, you look for a shoulder to rest on but no avail, so does many other people.

    We cry silent tears even Psychologists could not see with their professional eyes.

    This Emotions are peculiar to those with low self-esteem, those who grew up with inferiority complex, those who are always idle (Introverts), and those who may have passed through a lot with no hope or remedy.

    Imagine a made Doctor committing suicide on a bridge, or a final year student gulping poison.

    *We are strong but we a soft.*

    Let me borrow from *Bill Withers,* _”Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow, But if we are wise we know that there’s always tomorrow.”_

    Now many of us really need some particular stanzas from Bill Withers song to lively up our spirits too:

    _”So just call on me brother, when you need a hand…We all need somebody to lean on, I just might have a problem that you’d understand… We all need somebody to lean on…”_

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    Right now so many of us needs one.

    *Do a good deeds today by reaching out to someone to give hope, love and kindness.*

    The situation is real but we shall sail through only if you reach out.

    I am Kama JimGeorge,
    Salvage Bourgeois.


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