Ifu Ennada Calls Out Her Extended Family For Being Selfish


Big Brother Naija star and entrepreneur, Ifu Ennanda has taken to social media to call out her extended family for being selfish and ungrateful.

According to the reality star, her extended family members do not appreciate the little she does to help and support them financially.

Ifu who has had enough of their ungrateful attitude took to her Instagram story on Monday, February 1st to rant.

Speaking further the skin care expert revealed that members of her extended family care less about how she’s fairing or how her business is thriving. She disclosed that she has constantly been receiving threatening and derogatory messages from them because she hasn’t sent them “any free money in months”.

Her post read in part,

“I have sent you and different members of your family vaarious amounts of “free money” since 2018. Even last year, during Covid lockdown I sent money.

“Nobody is asking how I am doing or if my businesses are surviving, but I’m getting messages telling me ‘God will judge me’. because I haven’t sent any ‘free money’ in the past few months.

“How selfish can you be ? Did I come to this life to die for you ? Rubbish.

“Make everybody just leave me abeg. I no come this life to suffer and die for anybody. I’m nit Jesus Christ.

“Since I was a teenager even in my pre teen years, I learnt to carry peoples burden while neglecting my immediate needs.

“I grew into a young adult that takes life too serious and doesn’t even know how to enjoy herself.

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“Make una leave abeg, I no wan talk too much.”

See Comments and Reactions below;

DANNY WILLIAMS: In spite of her being a cloutinus, trust me, some family members are better off as guests for your events else they milk you dry and turn around to ask you what you did with your youth.

Your financial responsibilities should be in this order: YOUR CHILDREN, YOURSELF, YOUR PARENTS(this depends on their impact in your life) AND YOUR HUSBAND. Your siblings can come into the picture if you all grew up in love.

You see those cosine abi na cousins, hanties and huncles? If you like nor use sense…Okurrr

CHIBUEZE TONY: How does this post concerne the public like us? Do we know any of her family people? Girls without brain end up losing their decorum when they step out.

She should face the whole matter privately and stop involving the public. If she kept mute to thier demands will anything happen?

All I see is cloth chasing girl without etiquette at all. I rather stay unmarried than marry this kind of girl. She may one day expose our family secret one day.

So appalling the way people live two lives on earth. One on social media the other one in thier house, Rubbish!!

BEN FORTUNE: well, sometimes I feel this girl needs a lot of love, She tries to be a good girl but the absence of love keeps fighting her, that’s what I feel o, I might be wrong or right…

FAVOUR CHINAKA: There is something terribly going wrong with humans most especially females. Maybe we need to devote more time in studying God’s word and seek for wisdom. I can’t condem her though but we are seriously loosing some vital features as humans

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