I’m Dating Five Guys, Who Should I Choose? Please Help a Confused Girl – Lady cries out


    A 20 years old girl have spoken her mind, she said, I’m dating 5 guys, who should I choose? Please help a confused girl.

    I’m a young woman in her mid-20s. I’ve been in three relationships so far… two were sexual, and one was purely celibate, though it didn’t last beyond 6 months.

    I recently got out of a 2-years relationship with Dubem when we discovered our genotype isn’t compatible. But the problem is that we’re still doing a lot of back and forth. Dubem wants the relationship to continue because he’s working on how we’d have our babies via IVF or chorionic villi testing to first determine the sex of the baby.

    This has put me in a very confusing situation because I’m unable to move on while he’s still holding on for us… and at the same time, I just keep thinking about how life would be a lot easier if I’d just marry a genotype compatible man and have children the regular way without the stress and huge financial cost of an IVF.

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    SAM O: That was how the other girl in similar thread ended up confusing everyone with her own issue.please keep your confusion to your self.

    ANTHONY UNCLE: u should be ashamed of urself.

    dz post was posted by someone on dz same forum some days ago, u copied da same post, cut off some part and u are posting it on this same forum!

    You are trying to promote ur blog while u lack creativity & originality

    I shame for u

    JUELIZ AKUOMA: nonsense,,,, girls are scum
    imagine all the five guys wanting to Bleep you in a day….nawao…all dis cos of lack of trust and greed

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    EZEBUNKOYE EKULA: Keep sharing your advanced hiv



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