In the midst of the turmoil and bad Press, President Buhari is staying focused on his passion for a Nigeria – Oby Ndukwe


In the midst of the turmoil and bad Press, President Buhari is staying focused on his passion for a Nigeria of the future as he gradually and consistently makes progress in infrastructural development.

When push comes to shove, this Administration will always stand out in areas where their predecessors failed to muster the political will to start and finish a project.

Though credit has been given to the Jonathan Administration for commencing the Abuja-Kaduna railway, by Buhari, the latest in line which is the 156km Lagos-Ibadan railway was started in 2017 and completed in three years by Buhari through the Ministry of Transportation headed by the “Minister of the Decade”, Chibuike Amaechi and this is the biggest Railway in the entire West African sub-region!

It is named after Chief Mobolaji Johnson, a retired Brigadier in the Nigerian Army who served as the first Military Administrator from January 1966 to May 1967.

The Railway is a multi purpose project which would not only help ease of traffic congestion and tension everyday from the Lagos roads, through Ibadan, then to other parts of the country through the roads, and will help to ferry goods and services from the Lagos Ports out of Lagos through Ibadan, without the usual long traffic delays to other parts of the country. This project is calculated to provide thousands of job opportunities for Nigerian youths and as such help to reduce the rising wave of employment.

Other businesses are expected to thrive around the stopover points even as it provides comfort for travelers contrary to what our Rail Transportation has been in the past.

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It is also expected that the Railway will connect the Northern Nigeria in future.

The passion of Buhari in this sector is exemplified in the results achieved by Amaechi, who has shown a strong commitment to the Nigerian Project within a short time, regardless of the impediments posed by funding.

It is not on every occasion where the Eagle’s gather that the Vultures come to scavenge. Today’s commission of this gigantic project is never one of such days where pathological critics and naysayers muster the courage to dismiss such a visible and laudable achievement.
Let’s celebrate this success!

It’s a Train Station not the Dubai Airport…


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