J.O JiJi Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited filling station Now Open Along Agbonchia/Oyigbo Road



    Distinguish son of Eleme, Mr. Joseph Osarojiji, an international professional kick boxer, popularly known as Daddy. J has lunched and commenced operation  of his J.O Jiji Oil and Gas Filling station, situated along  AgbonchiaOyigbo Road, Eleme Rivers State.

    The lunch ceremony,which took place on Monday morning, 17th July 2019, at the filling station ground, had prominent Clergies, family and friends in attendance.



    Daddy J. in an interview with Ritagee briefly after the filling station was declared open, revealed that being a petroleum marketer has been his dream, and that 18 years ago, while he was selling Umbrella at the Eleme Refinery Depo, encountered petroleum marketers on daily basis, which ignited his passion and interest in becoming one in the future.

    According to him, his dream began to take shape when few years later he started working in the PDT unit as one of the ticket sellers, which was short-lived because greener pastures came calling and he had to put his dream on hold, and travel to Switzerland (Central Europe) where he started his kick boxing career.

    Despite his excellence which won him fivetrophies, five belts, and five titles, he still felt the need to do more and put his dream in motion. This passionate longing brought him back to kick start his dream. In his words ‘’I just felt I needed to come back and put my dreams in action, and to invest into petroleum business. I have decided to pursue it knowing that whatever I do, I do it perfectly well’’.

    ‘’ I thank everyone that have honoured my invitation to come for the official opening of the station, I am overwhelmed. As am starting now, with J.O Jiji Oil and Gas Nig Ltd, I am going to make sure that my meters are perfect. I will personally monitor everything myself, and ensure that 1 meter will be 1 meter  a.k.a perfect meters, am also promising that there will be no adulterated fuel in my station’’.

    ‘’We can store up to 200,000 litres, and we have about five tanks. At the moment, we have only Kerosene, Fuel and Disel which is PMS, DPK and AGO respectively. We are thinking in the future to add inflammable gas; for cooking gas, we have created a space for that, which will be added later in the future’’.

    In his advice to Eleme youth in engaging in innovative ventures, he said ‘’The youths of Eleme don’t believe in themselves, rather, they believe more in politicians, and think these politicians can provide all they need. I admonish the youths to start believing in themselves more, in what they can do and more so, to believe in God’’.



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