LIFE TRAINING SERIES : PART 2 by Daniel Henacho Eluke ( Ezeoha)


In Life, it’s usually and extremely difficult to please everyone else. No matter how good you might strive to become, there will always be those who will perpetually see you as evil. You can hardly satisfy everyone.

In spite of the unimaginable Sacrifice Jesus Christ made to redeem humanity from the Adamic Sin, and the iron grips of the forces of Lucifer and her demons, the same humanity He came to extricate from the bondage of Sin ganged up against Him and got him persecuted and prosecuted.

The world power, at the time, the Roman Empire supervised His execution like a common criminal on a Stake.

This Christ’s episode pushes us to the next level which is the practicable impossibility of impressing your foes or enemies. NO. NEVER! No matter what you do, you can hardly impress them.

This should not be a mind boggling scenario. Just tread on. In fact, soldier on! Do not allow anyone whatsoever to distract or derail you from the rightful tracks of Life.

In my understanding of our relationship with JEHOVAH GOD, the Creator of all Creations, Life has taught me that Paganism and Mithraism began way back in the Ancient Kingdoms of the World and such ungodly practices have some undue influences on the doctrines and tenets of Modern day Churches in the Christendom.

Western Civilisation exported paganism, voodooism, witchcraft, wizardry, and other forms of Idolatrous practices to Africa and Asia.

The story of Nimrod after the Great Deluge and his excesses speaks volumes of this claim. From the Edenic period till date, Lucifer, in the league of other demons, have remained in rebellion against Jehovah God and some of us are their willing tools.

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There is KARMA. This is the Natural Law of Retributive Justice. Whatever one sows, one reaps. You can’t plant yam and anticipate to harvest cassava. NEVER!! From the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ acknowledges this too.

In Literary Scholarship, it is referred to as Poetic Justice as it upholds that NO EVIL CHARACTER OR DEED CAN GO UNPUBLISHED!

No Champion lasts forever. It’s important one learns to exit a stage when ovation is loudest. In Africa and Nigeria, in particular, this is almost an impossible feat as what we practise here is GERONTOCRACY IN DEMOCRACY.

The older horses stick to their guns and would never allow the younger horses to have a stint in government or politics of the day. Rather than engage productive minds ( youths), the avaricious godfathers will settle for Mediocre and violent youths to exploit them more.

How many youths do we have in government today? Even though, the youths constitute a chunk percentage of Eligible Voters , they do not have any SAY in the government they caused to form.

However, RETALIATION is a hallmark of the Weak while the Strong will always LET GO whenever it will matter most. Do you know that Empty Vessels truly make the loudest noises?

Do not overwork yourself to impress everyone.

No matter how hard you may try to wash an anus with the best of deodorants and sprayed with Perfumes of Arabia, the anus must remain smelly.

No matter how spotless you may claim, there will always be enemies to contend with. NOBODY CAN CLAIM TO LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

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