Malibet digest: Contribute to humanity By Onyezia Cynthia Amanda


    1st of July 2019

    So in the last few days, my workload seemed to have tripled that I missed few days writing. Do forgive me, I hope to be better and more balanced this month.

    Also note that this digest is not a devotional, but more like a daily/weekly gift to my world… As one of my contributions to developing humanity with God’s gift.

    Every one has something to contribute to bless humanity. Some people will say I don’t have anything, I’m just a loafer. God never created any man with nothing, no one was born empty. The diligence to search is all that is needed. It is resident on your inside.

    You live to your fullest potentials when you contribute definitely to the world with the investment God deposited in you. It becomes a waste of God treasures to die without utilizing what you have to reach out to others.

    This waste comes with its consequences for you will give an account of your stewardship as a custodian of God’s gifts.

    You are not meant to be a passer by on earth, you were not placed on earth as a spectator but a divine contributor. So stop the “give me” mindset and have a mentality of what do I give, how can I contribute definitely to the cause of humanity?

    In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive. ’(Acts 20:35. NIV).

    Contributing to the lives of others gives your life a meaning. There’s a fulfilment you derive when your life is not just all about you.

    John McCain once wrote: Nothing is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.

    So live beyond you by contributing to making this world better than you met it at least before the Lord returns.

    Have a beautiful month of July, welcome to my month. Blessings! I love you dearly esteemed reader, God does much more…#Malibeties#

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