Marshall Israel reacts to Reno Omokri protest against PMB’s medical trip in London



Marshall Israel Wrote…

According to Hon Marshall Israel, Omokri is protesting against PMB’s medical trip in London. He believe PMB should have done his medical checkup and treatment in Nigeria.

He said Reno Omokri is from Delta State. UK Just returned 15% of James Ibori’s loot amounting to N526b or more. Did Reno Omokiri protest or say a word? Did he protest in support of James Ibori’s trial in the UK?

Perhaps he was amongst the people that said Delta State didn’t lose any money. He lost his voice and never said a word.

Has Reno Omokri ever called on the Niger Delta Governors to effectively utilize the 13% Oil derivation Money? NDDC, Ministry Of Niger Delta Affairs, Amnesty Office and South South Governors can collaborate and build the best hospital, University and Refinery etc in the Niger Delta. But they won’t do it because Buhari is the Problem.

A fraction of N526b can build first class hospital in Delta State. A fraction of N526B can give Delta State Constant Electricity, good road network and establish small scale industries. From the stolen money, Delta State can build the best University in Nigeria.

As an Aide to President Jonathan as he then was, I would like to know how many health centers Reno Omokri built or renovated in his community. How many Primary and Secondary schools did he build or renovated in his community in Delta State?

In some States, there is nothing like scholarship and skill acquisition for young people. Nobody has Protested because Buhari is the Problem. In some States, there is little or practically no investment in Agriculture and Small-scale industry because Buhari is the problem. In some States, Health Care, education, roads etc are all dilapidated and moribund because Buhari is the problem.

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For them, loyalty and Commitment to their ethnic groups and Political party is More important than good Governance and leadership. And if you speak on some of these things, the supposed beneficiaries, unemployed children of the unpaid Pensioners will come after you in defense of the system that has impoverished them because Buhari is the problem.

We are all Hypocrites. We lost our voices against our Governors, LGA Chairmen etc who are unabashedly embezzling Federal allocation with brazing impunity and ostentation. How many times have we protested against our Governors and LGA Chairmen?

Our Governors have not complained of not receiving Federal allocation and other Federal Government intervention funds. Every accruals to the States has always been given to them including the recent COVID19 funds that some States diverted. People were still blaming PMB until warehouses where COVID19 palliatives meant for the poor were broken by ENDSARS Protesters. Some Governors packed the foods in the warehouse and abandoned them until they got damaged. But Buhari is the problem.

As “Bad and Wicked” as PMB, no Governor has been punished Politically or administratively. In fact, Governors are more powerful and stronger under PMB than past administrations.

But why is it difficult for us to call out our Governors to account for the Money they have received from the Federal Government? Some States are operating without a budget. Nobody has seen the budget of some States and nobody has Protested because “Buhari is the problem”.

What about the Local Government Chairmen?
Local Government normally build and run health Centers including primary schools. Did PMB also stop them from doing it? Nobody has Protested because Buhari is the Problem.

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PMB is not perfect but he’s not entirely our problem. We are only consumed and swallowed by bitterness, hate and bigotry against PMB and a section of this Country.

In 2023, PMB will leave Office but the hatred, bitterness and ethnic sentiment we are creating will live to hunt all of us.

Marshall Israel, is a Federal Commissioner representing Rivers State in the Public Complaints Commission. He writes from Portharcourt.

5th April, 2021.


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