Mindset is Everything – Ikenda Elechi


    Mindset simply refers to how our mind processes information or knowledge.

    Knowledge on it’s own is the sum of everything we’ve seen, heard or felt. That is why it’s called “know”-ledge

    Put differently, everything we know today are things we either saw, heard or felt
    So for the purpose of this conversation, permit me to introduce you to my coinage “infoledge”. It is a mixture of the words Info & knowledge.

    Mindset is the ability of our minds to process those things we had seen, heard or felt.
    In particular, mindset refers to how fast & rational our minds process infoledge it comes across.

    It is after the mind has processed infoledge that one reaches a conclusion and in most cases, our conclusions depend on how that infoledge affects us

    We see how powerful the mind is?
    It is the room where infoledge is picked up, processed and concluded.

    If the mind determines how we see things, it’s therefore important that we train our minds on how to process what she comes across in a way that represents our values, expectations, concerns and general interests

    Do you have the mindset of competition amongst your friends or peers?

    Do you get angry when news of something good happens to someone else?

    Do you get angry when you see people doing better than you?

    Do you get angry when people do not give you what you asked of them?

    Or do you get angry when you see someone who has achieved that you aim to?

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    If your answers to all these is yes, it means you need to reassess your personal values. Seeing someone who has achieved what you hope to should be an opportunity to be inspired and to learn.
    In the Igbo apprentice system, every “Oga” was once an apprentice.

    We all grew up with some prejudices, but it is our responsibility to grow to the point where they do not hold us down. That is why we must “unlearn & relearn”

    So be proud to learn the ropes from those who came before you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    In training our minds, we must decide whether to see the good in people/situations or we look out for the bad.

    Truth is that there’s not a single perfect being or situation anywhere, we are all mortals with the perfect ability to be imperfct

    As a first step in training our minds, we must ask ourselves the following questions;

    • What’s my source of infoledge?

    • What types of infoledge am I exposed to?

    • How do these infoledge help me achieve personal goals & values?

    If we fail to deliberately train our minds, we would fall into the danger of spending most of our 24hrs in disappointment, unnecessary fights, secret envy, etc which in all, would ultimately hamper our ability to make both personal and collective progress



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