Nigerian man recounts how he was harassed in Ibadan simply because he looked gay


A Nigerian man has recounted how he was physically assaulted in Ibadan, Oyo state, by a lady and her boyfriend because he ‘looked like a gay man.’

The man with the Twitter handle @BodilawFortune, wrote

”I initially didn’t want to do this, but I think it’s necessary to save other people from unnecessary stigmatization. In Ibadan today, I was assaulted by a man and his girlfriend after they gave me a free ride.

I was at Elebu Market to see someone at a restaurant. Unfortunately for me, the fellow didn’t show up and I had just N50 with me which I used to buy water, hoping the person will show up.

After waiting for like 2 hours, I decide to leave as they were already looking at me 1kind

But since I didn’t have money, I decided to trek home. But what I thought was a blessing turn out to be a curse. I stopped a car with 3 occupants and asked them if they were heading towards Orita Challenge which was my next destination. The car stopped and I joined them

There were 3 people, 2 men at front and a lady in the back. Some few minutes, I discovered that the lady is drunk and she was just saying rubbish to the man. I decide not to interfere cuz I was still pissed. All of a sudden, she just said ‘Oyinbo, will you marry me’

I said Nooo, Oga will vex. She said who’s Oga? I didn’t reply. Then all of a sudden her hand was going towards my manhood. My only crime was to say. Excuse me what are you doing. And I pushed her hand away. The next I heard was big blow on my head.

I was terrified but decided not to shout. I just said what did I do now? The man at the passenger side, that I think is her boyfriend, just looked back and slapped me. That why am I talking to his girlfriend like that. That I even look like gay and he will treat my fuck up.

It was at this moment that fear gripped me. I just started begging and all of a sudden the girl dragged my cloth by my neck and was pushing me back and forth. The only thing I could say was they should just drop me that I was sorry to enter their car.

The driver was asking them to leave me that he does not want trouble (I think he’s their friend) The guy asked him to stop the car where there are no much people passing. At that moment, we were close to New Garage, they just parked and I barely came down self when they zoom

I just thanked God to be alive. People around the area where looking at me like a mad man, but I wss just grateful they didn’t hurt me. It was at that moment my friend called me that’s he’s at Elebu Market. I took bike back there & he paid before heading home

Nigerians need to stop discriminating against people you don’t know. You can’t just assume I’m gay because I’m light in complexion or have female face. Did I create myself. I face same stigma during some modeling audition, which is bad

I’m traumatized but life just has to go on. I hope we can all learn to live together in peace and love.”

See Comments and Reactions From Facebook Readers

Muna Saphire: Man too fine sef na wahala again! Lucky you next time leave your house with a enough cash because I still don’t get who you going to visit duh! Thank God for your life.

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Vincentto Da Elf: He looks fine.Why can’t y’all just live and let others live their God damn lives too? The intolerance in this evil world is way too much.

Pat Nwachi: And if he looks gay, or is even gay, is that why he should be assaulted? Nonsense and ingredients.

David Chuks: Even if he looks gay, is it in the place of the strangers to Judge him?

Dan Ohio: is being gay by looks?… there are some well built men that are gay….this is bad

Fortune Okeke: Fine boy no money. Sorry dear. Next time insure you have enough money before venturing out

Ikechi Williams: And those weaklings will be boasting somewhere how they beat and dealt with him. Like he said he didn’t create himself and every one has a right to life let’s learn to tolerate one another

Hope Amadi: Do you approve the beating he was given? Let people despise them. Those people are ignorant and stupid. Effeminate men created culture and civilization.

Ike Any Ede: Bro, I thank the Lord you survived. It’s one of those things. Please, be careful next time.

Love John: Your first and the Genesis of your beating is your dulled brain. A drunk girl asked you to marry her in front of her boy friend and all you had to say was Oga go vex, think again. I might even say oh sorry I’m married with kids, wisdom is profitable to direct , you weren’t beaten for looking like a fine boy

Achi Zeb: Homophobia persists because some women need men to prove their toxic masculinity by attacking gay men. If men don’t think homophobia/ homophobic attacks impress women, they will not resort to violence. The most common denominator in homophobic attacks is the presence of women encouraging the men they are playing emotional games with, just to test their influence of MANipulation on. Women need to understand that if you demand men prove their toxic masculinity to you, eventually male fragility will follow and the violence women encourage, will be turned on women. Let men be whatever version of men they are in peace. Homophobia is a disease.

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Eche Oyi: Yes you are handsome and look a bit feminine but it doesn’t give no one the right to touch you because of how you look

Onyema Chuku: You are still a learner in making up an obvious fake story. You are a homosexual and looking for ways to show/tell people of your kind in other to sell your market. Useless home

Chidiebere Kada: Homophobia is the most wicked, most stupid thing imaginable. And what if he ‘looks like a girl?’ It would be a boring world if everyone looked the same. We need individuality for culture to grow. So-called effeminate men created much of the culture and civilization we have today. Most of the greatest artists, thinkers, scientists, designers, were effeminate men, and yes, manifested a gay orientation. And so what? Imagine the woman touching his manhood. If a man had done that to a woman, there would be cries of sexual harassment, abuse etc.

Offor Stella: Did this actually happened or you trying to advertise yourself to them set awon Toyin Lawali,Lindodo and others that engage in promoting

Sylvester Ati: With your story !it sounds more like rituals/kidnapping just thank God you were

Favour Johnson: That’s his nature, he shouldn’t be judged. It’s nobody’s fuckin business. Period

Ajoku Ndubuisi: Ignorant bastards always prey on vulnerable people in this country. Once they know you can’t defend yourself, it’s a way of taking advantage of you.

Alex Ogomudia: Which one is because you look gay oga you are GAY

Okoye David: What if they had killed you silently and slowly inside that car, nobody would have known. This is not about gayism this is about you acting so foolish, as to enter a private car of strangers that you don’t know, couple with all the insurgency, insecurity, kidnapping, and other dangerous crimes going on in the world today. You took a very dangerous, foolish and useless risk by venturing into a vehicle of people that you know not, give God thanks for saving your life, and i hope you learn from your mistake now.


Iyke Emma: So in short, this has nothing to do with looking like a gay guy but all about an idiot getting into a car filled with strangers, one of whom was a drunk retard who grabbed his junk? You are lucky they didn’t kidnap you to use you for rituals. All because your weak ass was too lazy to walk home.

lyrics love: He locks gay sha but that does not warrant insult 😒 See his bleached knuckles and acidic skin. Ewww

Don Squadron: Too bad… But 80% of Yoruba Youths are practicing GAY. Wikipedia!

Nonso Onuchukwu: The explanation, sounds gay. How are you going to see someone and don’t have backup money just incase? Well except he’s your lover and expect him to give you transport money. Like most ladies do.


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