No man can say no to me, I swear with my mother’s grave – lady speaks from her experience


    No men Can say No to me that one I’m sure of It. I’m a girl who loves herself and I have sweg and I’m lovely I know I’m attractive I was made perfect In all ways.

    Reason why I’m saying there’s no men can say No to me, It because of me who I’m my personalities and the way I’m standing, however If say that I don’t mean I fall for everyone no no no I know my principles my boundaries as a humam.

    I love my life more then anything and I respect myself It’s just that I’m there as Women who’s so proud of herself. Some people have outer hearts, they domed by the looks and the curves of mine; and I know It and I won’t be easily attempted by what ever kinds of words.

    You can’t say to a women you just met tou love her so deeply and you can do anything for her top to bottom no It can’t be, what I know personaly Is that beauty and curves follow after you’ve seen the capacity of her thoughts the way a women thinks and do things that what count the most.

    We need to open classes for our leaders not to be easily attracted we need strong men out there who will be able to protect us and guide us.

    This Is my opinion from the look of things and the things I have experienced.

    Read Comment and Reactions below;

    JAMES BROWN: Most women are beauty without brains, why would any one go public abt her beauty, i mean what exactly is the rationale behind all this?

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    LELAMANG: Women like you are good for nice times cc not home building wife materiel. you’re beautiful though

    GODSON SUNDAY: As much as some of us aren’t tempeted by those curves, We’ve seen more, only those who haven’t been there can be trapped by your vurves.

    FAITH AMADI: you should know one thing girl no woman is beautifully that any other man wife

    EDET AKAM: this type is only beautiful on the face but downtown she must be agree that she has driven by many

    JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Unfortunately you have never met the honest man, some men are honest to their wives. To be a slay queen doesn’t mean that you can attract everybody. Attraction is about blood not how a person he/she looks like. We are talking from experience, we are long in the field.

    MARUME KALIMA: Judging from your grammar, you are more of an empty vessel than what you think you are. You are as stupid as satan who want to receive people by the outside yet the inside is rotten, demet or damnit.

    MUSOKE HERBERT: I personally, am much attracted to a woman’s inner beauty other than outer beauty. Let me ask. why are you still single?



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