No Matter What You Are Passing Through, Don’t Lose Faith In Life: There’s Always A Restoration


    Because of adversity, life seems meaningless to some folks,with it, lost of faith in God.

    Don’t despair. Don’t look at the present situation,rather focus on the future:

    “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary,but what is unseen is eternal”-2 Corinthians 4:18.

    Njoroge told Mwihaki that:

    “You and I can only put faith in hope”.(Ngugi wa Thiong’O: Weep Not,Child).

    That’s it…

    Put faith in hope,and in God.

    King Solomon tells us in Ecclessiastes 9:4 that:

    “Anyone who is among the living has hope…”

    That’s true.

    There’s a classical example of that Biblical advice.

    A gentleman got bankrupt for about three times.Walking in the street of New York city,he saw a homeless man and soliloquied thus:

    “O’my goodness!This guy is worth zero,far better than me,I am worth less than zero”.

    Two years after,he bounced back a billionaire.He is today the President of America!That person is Donald Trump.

    Awo the sage opined that:

    “The poorest of all men is not he without money,but he without hope”.

    It doesn’t matter how unfairly life and people are treating you today,don’t lose hope.Have faith in a better tomorrow and also a sublime faith in God.No matter what,don’t despair.Have hope.Think!I am just thinking!!

    I am,

    Comrade Princewill A.Dike,Esq

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