Now That It Is Obvious That Ogoni Youth Federation Does Not Exist, With President Who Leaves In Exile


In furtherance to the claim by Mr.Legborsi Yormaabana,the supposed president of Ogoni Youths Federation that exist with only five persons on social media that thirty 30 slots of Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC palliatives for the Youths in the region was given to Ogoni Youths.We have discovered however that the said group is a mirage,and has been parading a fake president

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Our investigation revealed that Mr.Yormabana the acclaimed president of Ogoni Youths who is from Yobe Bangha community in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers state has been on self exile for years without any touch with his people.

Our findings also revealed that the only recognized youth body that has the mandate to speak for the Ogoni Youths is the National Youth Council Of Ogoni People (NYCOP),which is the official youth wing of Movement For The Survival Of Ogoni People(MOSOP).

We further confirmed that Ogoni Youth Federation that is made up of only five social media practitioners is not recognized or known in the entire Ogoni land,with strong revelation that the same Legborsi Yormaabana and his five members have a known history of being used to betray Ogoni Sons and daughter’s that are in politics,business and companies.

We gathered that what the group does is to write to corporate bodies and government agencies and establishments to get support in pretence of taking it to the youths.

The acclaimed President Ogoni Youth Federation does not have structure for youth activism or activities,no Executive,no office or organ but only parade themselves with the aim of going to seek for immediate benefits from companies,corporate bodies and government establishments.

Mr.Legborsi recently has flouted the Bail Orders and Directives of Department Of State Security Services(DSS),hiding in the guise of being proactive to speak and abuse the DSS.

The Youth wing of MOSOP NYCOP which is the apex and recognized youth body in Ogoni have come out openly in a radio Program”Talk Of The Town” of Rhythm 93.7fm to condemn the allegations against Mrs.Nagbo by the group,they maintained that Ogoni Youths Federation does not have the mandate to speak for the Ogoni Youths

Evang.Caroline Nagbo Media Office

NDDC Headquarters,Port Harcourt

Tuesday,19th May,2020


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