Oby Ndukwe Schools Igo Aguma On The Benefits Of Railway In Port Harcourt



On the exhibition of ignorance by Igo Aguma while comparing Wike’s Flyovers in Port Harcourt and Buhari’s Railway project of the Eastern Corridor through Rivers State to Maiduguri, you can’t but admire the submission and brilliance of Ignatius Chukwu, senior journalist @Business Day Newspaper:

“A little history: Records say Port Harcourt was decided and built by the British purely for train. It was to serve as a city of inter-modal transportation between train carrying coal from Enugu to ships waiting in Bonny via the River.

If it was for slaves, trekking and boats did it, but coal was massive cargo requiring train. You can see that train from Bonny to PH and South East to Borno is a mere reenactment of a long dream on commerce. Let our leaders train a bit, do seminars, etc.”

It is evident that those who claim to be Leaders in the political space are mostly ignorant of the economics of most sectors of government!

Even my elementary knowledge of Train Transportation tells me that heavy duty commerce like Coals, Fertilizers, Cement Agricultural produce and others were ferried through the Railways.

It is expedient then, that with increased economic activities especially through the seaports of which Rivers State has one at Onne and a new one coming at Bonny, the Train Transportation should be revolutionized with improved services for optimum use.

While the construction of Flyovers is commendable, the blunt truth is that they are limited in terms of service delivery considering the high traffic situation in the city, as well as the weight of goods to be ferried to and from the Seaports.

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Or will the Flyovers link up Onne Seaport and Bonny Deep Seaports to transport Goods?

A clear line should be drawn between ignorance and intelligence! Politics should be played towards the election year, while real governance is all year through!


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