One Chance Gang Arrested In Rumuosi


According a Social Media influencer Okah Chris Obinichi, A gang of one chance criminals terrorising Rumuokoro to Choba axis of the east west road in Port Harcourt have been arrested on Wednesday 2nd June, 2021 and taken to Choba Area Command Police Station a day after he raised alarm over increasing cases of one chance robbery gang of a male driver, 2 male passengers and a female.

Luck ran out of them when they picked a petrol station accountant who was heading to bank to deposit sales, they took his bag of money and attempted to push him out of the car at Rumuosi before Obiri Ikwerre interchange flyover, the man insisted and started shouting to attract passersby yet no help but for a taxi driver who took the risk and double crossed them with his car. In an attempt to escape, they ran into a gutter and was halted.

The criminals came out and took to their heels and where apprehended by people around and taken to Choba police station. The lady among them denied involvement in the gang but was given a beaten of her life by persons who identified her as a part of the criminal gang

This gang have been responsible for series of one chance robbery along that road.

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