PDD CRS Congress: Another Season Of Betrayal And Backstabbing


They have promised the CRS Southern Senator the gubernatorial ticket. The ex Governor is comfortable now. They are no longer dancing with National Assembly members but talking of reconciliation and forging things after allegedly bribing some members of NWC.

Just get interested in changing things in CRS and you will get the worst form of betrayal that will leave you badly wounded. The future gets bleak by each passing day

The fight has been reduced to who becomes the next Governor. One ex Governor wants to continue to control things. He is ready to betray especially as his interest revolves around the gubernatorial ticket for the last member of the three wise men

The Rivers man is also not sleeping, can he pull a string? He seems the last straw for members of the National Assembly. His was able to stop the Congress on Saturday when desperation allegedly moved some people to attempt funny things including doctoring the list of candidates and delegates. Anything can happen as I have earlier said in my last post. The tax collector PDP NWC are ready to always sell to the highest bidder

At the end of it all, some boys will be mobilized. PDP will always get it wrong and make us to complain for another four years. That is their plan but power comes from God. The crisis may end up strengthening APC if they get serious

PDP has controlled CRS since 1999 and same recycled hands have used us, raped us of our resources, left us with huge debt and abandoned us in penury.

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We need leaders that are not selfish for our State to move forward. A good leader will change things like Prof Zulum is turning things for good in a awar turned Borno State

Joseph Odok PhD Esq



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