Priestley Nna Blast Worgu Boms “Self-Serving Obedience”


I read what would appear to be Worgu Boms’ version of his “Grass to Glory” kind of story and how in his narration, his first and only gratitude and loyalty was to Justice Iche Ndu, former Chief Judge of Rivers State, rather than to the man who employed him and paid his bills for four whole years.

Still as part of his spirited efforts to cast aspersions on his former boss and drag his name to the gutter, Worgu Boms Esq, in his account, which was alloyed with several inconsistencies and half truth, claimed Amaechi ordered him not to attend the valedictory ceremony of his predecessor, Justice Ndu, which he obeyed even though it made him appear to be ungrateful to the man who recommended him to his boss for appointment.

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In his lie infested story, Worgu Boms struggled very hard to impress it on his readers that he was not indebted to his former boss and that the only person deserving of his eternal gratitude was Justice Ndu.

According to Worgu Boms, although, Amaechi’s directive to him not to attend Justice Ndu’s sendoff ceremony was shocking, he however, “Painfully Obeyed.”

This scenario puts a huge dent and question on the character and person of Worgu Boms. If he was truly loyal and grateful to the man who recommended him for appointment, he would have insisted on doing the right thing which was going for the sendoff regardless or resign his appointment rather than betray his own conscience under the guise of his so called “painful obedience” which in reality was a “gainful obedience” because he only obeyed the directive to keep his job and not to uphold his principle and clear his conscience.

In other words, Worgu Boms was implying that because he was so desperate to keep his job as Attorney General, he had to trade off by OBEYING a directive that was against his personal principle, work ethics and damaging to his conscience (if he had any) – a clear case of desperation if you ask me.

The standard practice all over the world is to resign ones appointment when ones principles and standards are in direct conflict with the demands of ones office. Seeing that Amaechi was forcing him to do what was wrong and against his conscience, commonsense demands that he would have tendered his resignation and go back to his legal practice rather than stay in office and betray his own principles and conscience.

Again, if Worgu Boms is truly a grateful chap as he would want the public to believe, why has he failed to demonstrate or extend same gratitude towards his former Boss, who deemed it necessary to appoint him into the exalted office of Attorney General? Why does he relentlessly vilify, attack, abuse and denigrate his former boss and benefactor given any slight opportunity yet claims he is perpetually grateful to Justice Ndu? Does it mean that if Worgu Boms disagrees with Justice Ndu, he can also turn around tomorrow to abuse and pillory him the same way he does to Amaechi? Why the love for one and hatred for the other knowing that both fingers fed him?

This only points to the fact that Worgu Boms has a personal grouse against Amaechi which he is yet to make public. As a matter of fact, Worgu Boms should focus on how many persons he has been able to bring into political and legal prominence or significantly impacted their lives with the privileged position he occupied as Attorney General?

Worgu Boms must stop his pursuit of alimentary considerations and realize Amaechi does not owe him any thing now or in the future. At this stage of his life, one would expect him to reflect on Amaechi’s magnanimity and benevolence towards him instead of doing the exact opposite.


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