RE: The Role Of Peace And Reconciliation In Rivers State Rebuilding ~ Lawrence Chuku



Firstly, the caption of my earlier response to you Dr Chuku writes off Tony Okocha’s mockery of APC, says his recent write up is that of a thankless wretch trying to stage a comeback from political relegation didn’t emanate from me me as I couldn’t have called you a wretch, what for. You know that I do not indulge in insults and name calling.

You were also not in any manner of political relegation but your action(s) against your boss and our leader couldn’t have been imagined and is highly condemnable.

The aspect of the caption I agree with is your mockery of our great party, yes you did my friend.

Going forward on your Peace and Reconciliation proposals, good idea, very sound but how honest and sincere are you?

I ask because in your first outing you made reference to a press conference we made sometimes ago wherein we recognised Gov Nyesom Wike as the Captain of the ship in Rivers state but failed to mention what lead to that, is that not one-sided?

Let me remind you that the press conference was just a response to the Governer’s series of political conferences he made calling on the opposition, all and sundry to join forces with him to fight the myriad of criminalities in the state which it was quite obvious he couldn’t handle.

I am also aware that no one achieves peace and reconciliation through social media fronts and/or playing to the gallery.

Let me state that it’s unnatural for any reasonable human not to seek and accept peace and reconciliation, but such must be genuine.

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Therefore to achieve these, endeavour to answer and profer solutions to my earlier questions. Who knows, you may be our Biblical Joseph(though in your case we didn’t sell you, your personal persuasion did). I think Peace and Reconciliation is achievable, we all need it.

Let’s come back home now, you will lead this mention I am going to propose, I will follow. I will also want your very good friend and brother, your former second in command now the Leader of APC in our great LGA to follow in this mention.

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Now the mission: you will rise in the morning, in sound physical, mental and spiritual healthiness(purity of heart), devoid of any manner of negativity, wear your fine dress, looking elegantly with smiles, and you shall call open us announcing your readiness for the mission.

When we receive your call, we shall answer you immediately and onward we journey to find our Leader, H. E Rt Hon CRA. When we find him, in unison with you, you will beg for forgiveness and this we shall join.

We will tell him that to ere is human but to forgive is divine. We shall probe into his innerslf to accept that it takes strength and courage to beg for forgiveness but also that he who forgives is not only stronger but wiser.

For he knows that forgiveness is an attribute of love, love is life, life a direct consequence of light.

For he knows that the triune of Light, life and love is the tripod if not just human existence but Universal amongst all that is created by the Creator. Sir Tony, with purity of heart we can achieve this.

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With this Truth, you will have the Freedom of heart to explore- remember Truth is a derivative of Light and Truth is a Precursor to Freedom. When we succeed in this mission, we shall then come home, meet and merry with our party faithfuls in Obio/Akpor.

You will then become an ambassador of Peace and Reconciliation you crave for. For then, I your bossom friend, will wholeheartedly join you in this laudable programme.

We shall then urge all our leaders and the lead in the state to come clean, lift up their heart before God and man, do what is right for the party in the interest of the party and not to their self aggrandizement.

For if we do these, then we should be ready for our songs and praises, reggae(remember?), for we shall begin to be invited to the Brick House for banquet, stakeholder meetings etc.

Then you and i and Sidney et al, will commence our gyrations. Peace be unto you.

Dr Lawrence Chuku
Ikheni 1, Evo Kingdom



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