RIVERS CRISIS: Let’s Work For The Unity Of Rivers APC ~ Kachy Robinson


    In the last few days, two prominent Rivers sons marked their birthdays. The two Rivers sons are supposedly the major gladiators of the two opposing APC factions in Rivers State.

    The first was the birthday of SMA on the 24th of May, while the other was that of CRA who is the undisputed APC leader in Rivers State on the 27th of May.

    In two days, we witnessed an outpour of eulogies, prayers and wishes for this distinguished Rivers sons across the divides. Wow! it was so delighting that despite our diverging views in political issues, argument, sometimes abuses and name calling, we could still come together to wish our supposedly political rivals well. This truly has thought me great lessons that, No permanent enemy in politics.

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    Before the 2019 general election, Rivers APC witnessed legal tussle orchestrated by Senator Magnus Abe’s faction and sponsored by God knows who which was solely spurred by interests.

    The backlog of litigations dimmed our sparkling chances to take over Rivers State as a government in power. The height of this selfish adventure culminated in INEC excluding our name on the ballot. What an unfortunate experience!

    SMA who championed those who some of us looks as dissidents in Rivers APC were overlooked by the National APC working committee to scuttle our chances. Now I ask rhetorically, who are those benefiting from the crisis rocking Rivers APC? What could be the sinister motive? Who is this fight targeted at?

    For me, I feel their is more to what is surfaced. Rivers APC has men of good repute, who are outstanding in the political scene and I believe if united, will be of great asset to our state.

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    The appointment of SMA into NNPC board is a plus to Rivers people. This gesture by the President has also raised my curiosity to thinking deep. Was SMA compensated for the role he played in fighting hitherto to making sure nobody contested the 2019 general election in Rivers APC? Or, is it a way to settle him as against his wish to taking a shot at the governorship race come 2023? Or, is it to boost his financial statue to continue in the fight? Whatever could be the motive, I think it’s time to let go of the past and move on together in unity as a party.

    This two Rivers sons by providence has worked in different capacities in government from their youthful age, because back then, the system welcomed and allow it. Now, what is the fate of APC youths in present political sphere?

    Obviously, the youths also contributed immensely in the disunity greeted the party during the last general election, especially those supporting Senator Abe by fanning the embers of acrimony through most of their uninformed submission instead of chatting the way forward to amicably settle the dispute in our party by proffering workable solutions.

    This for sure has caused the APC youths more harm than good. Our youths who are virtually faithful followers are sharing the brunt of the party disunity. Remember, “when two elephant fights, the grass suffers”.

    We shouldn’t continue in this routine. I think it’s time to down tools and toe the path of peace through genuine reconciliation.

    Disappointedly, Abe’s supporters are hell-bent on doing further damages in the party with their inordinate appetite to malign party faithfuls. This calls for questioning on the sincerity of Senator Abe’s recent media showoff call for peace and reconciliation in Rivers APC.

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    Rivers APC youths and followers has major role to play if we must achieve peace and unity within the party.

    Senator Abe’s supporters should stop peddling false informations against genuine leaders of our party. Slanderous defamation against party leaders which is earned at attracting sympathy is an outdated strategy. Instead I urge them to start engaging their Principal in meaningful discuss with the view to finding lasting solutions to Rivers APC problem if they are sincere to making peace.

    Remember, the youths are the leaders of tommorow and ‘a closed mouth is a closed destiny’.

    With all hands on deck, we will bounce back stronger and victoriously oust this present administration which has no plan for youths development, instead dividing us the more through ethnic egoistic dispositions.

    Let’s start now to build APC. 2023 is around the corner.

    Happy New Month!

    Kachy Robinson



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