“Rt. Hon Victoria Wobo Nyeche; The Face Of She Can Lead Campaign MOGCI 2021


It was a one day Leadership Summit for young females, with the theme She Can Lead‘ held at the Amphil Theatre Hall, Rivers State University

It turned out to be a gathering of women of substance from all facet of life, women who have notably and visibly created impacts in the society coming together in honor of Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche as the Face of She Can Lead Campaign MOGCI 2021

The visioner, MOGCI, Lady Doris Onyeneke in her welcome address outlined programs and campaigns carried out by the group and also intimate everyone on the aim and vision of MOGCI, in her words “…the She Can Lead campaign is aimed at building the capacity of girls and young women for leadership purposes and to also enhance their zeal and technical knowhow for political participation” she further said that “MOGCI advocates for reforms to ensure women’s fair access to decision-making.

Our programmes on leadership and participation provide training for women political candidates to help build their skills, as well as voter and civic education and sensitization campaigns on gender equality.”

The special guest of Honour, *Dame Aleruchi Cookey-Gam, Former Attorney General of Rivers State and Former Secretary to Rivers State* in her goodwill message encouraged the young females present and congratulated the Face of SHE CAN LEAD CAMPAIGN 2021, Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche. In her words, “…let me congratulate my dear sister Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche as the new Face of She Can Lead 2021, it comes with huge responsibilities and I’m sure, she’s equal to the task, and to the young females here, I encourage you to desist from every negative activities on the social media and be productive with your time”

Her Excellency, Amb. Maureen Tamuno the high commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Jamaica, in her goodwill message said “I am here today in solidarity with my beloved sister Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche and let me cease this opportunity to encourage the young ones here today, the women you see on this high table today, was once like you.


She said, Myself, Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche and our big sister, we call her Aunty Ale (Dame Aleruchi Cookey-Gam) belonged to similar NGO 25yrs ago, today we are here together”

Face of She Can Lead Campaign 2021, Rt. Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche, took the podium to make her brief presentation, in her words “I am glad to be part of this occasion, from the theme, SHE CAN LEAD and for the sake of time, I’ll just give a brief overview, and I’ll like to ask, who exactly is SHE?

Hon Victoria is a daughter, She is the girl Child, She can also be an adult woman but most importantly, She is a human being. She’s an influencer, She’s a motivator, She’s a builder and even much more, and when we talk about leadership, what exactly is leadership?

There are various definitions of leadership by different people, but the one I like, is the one that says, Leadership is Influence, nothing more, nothing less. And we all know that she can influence, we know that she can motivate, we know that she can guild towards a desired goal” she went further to explicitly explain challenges that bedeviled the female and leadership, in her words “when we talk about the challenges that women face, they are many, we talk about access to education, the early girl child marriage, access to finance is a challenge, but you know what, despite these challenges, we are determined to overcome them and succeed, and looking at the array of women on the high table, I know that we have succeeded and well keep succeeding because nothing will stop us, the statistics and challenges will not stop us” she went further to explain some of her ordeals whilst seeking for elective position.

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“They said women don’t support themselves, its a lie, they use that to make us fight ourselves but we have learnt that now, my major support while seeking to represent the good people of Port Harcourt Constituency 1 was from my madam. Dame Aleruchi Cookey-Gam, I served as her special assistant, we must learn to serve and gain experience. I worked with her and I learnt from her. If you want to get into politics, you’ll serve, you must look up to someone to mentor you and you must be committed to what you do, I was committed, so I want to urge you to be committed in your clear goal, because if I can do it, you can do it even better. If I can Lead, you too can Lead. No excuse is good enough, nothing can stop you, the only thing that can stop you is yourself, you must believe in yourself, if you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody will stand for you. So whether you’re in business, you’re in politics or in religious sector, you have to excel, be the best that you can, let nothing stop you.

When they ask you WHY, you ask them WHY NOT, no challenge can stop you, if you know where you are going, we are here to support you. I telling today that If I Can Lead, You Too Can Lead. God bless you”

Dignitaries present are:
1. Dame Aleruchi Cookey-Gam
2. Her Excellency. Amb. maureen Tamuno
3.Hon. Joeba West
4. Hon. Ibim Seminitari
5. Hon. Dabota Jumbo
8. Princess Ejims Urey Maureen
9. Ikwerre Women Forum and others
too many to mention.

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