Security alert as OSPAC and hoodlums attacked APC members in ward 3 Egberu the home of PDP State Chairman Desmond Akawo in Oyigbo LGA, Rivers State


OSPAC and hoodlums numbering over 50 men attacked the venue of APC Ward 3 where Scores of pdp members who were diisatisfied with Wike & Desmond Akawor leadership decided to join APC.

They destroyed properties worth millions of Naira in the attack.

The leader of the decampee who narrated the story said that one Mr Chibuike Peter a.k.a C.J.Rambow who was recently appointed by Desmond Akawor as PA and a wanted criminal who have been terrorising Oyigbo and it’s environment led the attackers to attacked his house.
Others members of the terror ganged are Temple Nwankwo an aid to Desmond Akawor, Nwankwo Iwolima, Enyeribe Richard Okere, Victor Nwankwo the current Councillor of Ward 3, Christain Okere Stone, Omeneogu Akawor and full squared of OSPAC and militia group who carried out the attack.

OSPAC which supposed to be nuetral in their operation have turned out to be a political tools in the hands of pdp.

You would recalled that the same OSPAC on 4th of January 2021 shut and killed one APC woman leader in the same Desmond Akawor Community and Desmond Akawor is trying to cover it up because it’s his killing square that carried out the dastardly act.

This is what 2023 will look at in Oyigbo and Rivers State at large.

OSPAC is over stepping their bound and they have to be checked mate to avoid further killing of innocent souls.

Security and Fed Govt should take note.

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