See The Only City That Has No Religion, Electricity Is Free And Money Is Valueless


Imaging living in a city without religion, where harmony and solidarity rule or dwelling in a city where electricity is free and cash is viewed as valueless. You are astounded right, the city is situated here on earth and not in heaven.

The name of the city is Auroville, prominently alluded to as the city of sunrise. The picturesque scene of the city will make your eyes stuck to it.

The city may be nearly nothing, yet it is where individuals live in harmony and amicability.

It was said that Auroville has its root from the French Language. It was propelled by the French word “Aurore” which means daybreak and “Ville” which implies city.

Auroville is situated in the profound peace of Tamil Nadu, India. The nation has been established in 1968. Creating Auroville was perceived by Mira Alfassa, known as the mother.

In spite of the fact that she was the one that made the place yet isn’t the one that planned it. Auroville was planned by Roger Anger, an extremely skilled designer.

Three authority dialects are perceived in the city, they actually live in tranquility even in diversity. The three perceived authority dialects are Tamil, English, and French.

Do you realize that Electricity is free in Auroville and cash has no worth? This is on the grounds that they don’t spend paper or coin money. The inhabitants of Auroville are given record numbers to interface it to their focal records. The name of the charge card providing for them is Aurocard.

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Individuals living in Aurorile are relied upon to give or contribute a month to month commitment, with the Aurocard connected to their national bank. This is much the same as a good cause, it is a thoughtful gesture and benevolence.

Because of the peaceful lifestyle of the city and its kin, it has been recorded for different motion pictures. Auroville is more similar to a paradise than only a city. Envision if there is an Auroville in Nigeria, a city liberated from the torments of poverty, a city stripped of cultural ills.


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