When we preach sexual purity it gets to some point with some people that they make you feel bad like you’re responsible for not allowing them to have a realistic relationship!! They quickly conclude that listening to you would keep them backward in life and waiting for a type of guy that can never be found.Sometimes the feeling gets to you as though you were querying something that is NORMAL… And actually you’re left on your own because many others have taken it as EXPECTED and not unusual or any big deal.

    To add more to your injury, some would cut off completely from you and in a moment you begin to see their lovely wedding pictures on Facebook… As though to say…. We were having our sex and it still worked out!! While you were saying we move back for a while to heal up our emotional pull or sometimes to suspend the relationship…

    Hmmmm sounds like you’re the wicked or outdated priest in a world where they say ” YOU CANT FIND ANY GOOD BROTHER IN CHURCH THAT WON’T ASK YOU FOR SEXUAL PLEASURE BEFORE WEDDING”

    Shall we keep quiet?? Or maybe just look the other way and face other more serious teachings on the righteousness that Jesus has gotten free for us? Shall we just stop asking where our sister plans to sleep on that long distant journey to greet boo? Or how she happened to be staying over at his place to ensure she comes early for the church service??

    Do we see our sister living in with our head of technical and just keep quiet??? Or do we stumble on our youth pastor fondling in the office and just turn away as though totally slain by the spirit??

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    When we ask questions this clear… Are we overdoing it? Should we keep quiet??? And those of you who are keeping quiet and turning the other way… Are you doing well??

    ONE THING IS CERTAIN…. The scriptures cannot be broken… Let God be true and all men liars. We are not going to be apologetic about the truth… I remain A VOICE SAYING LOUD… FORNICATION IS NOT NORMAL AND CAN NEVER BE in the family of God and for any of His Sons…

    Gal.6:1 (ERV)

    Brothers and sisters, someone in your group might do something wrong. You who are following the Spirit should go to the one who is sinning. Help make that person right again…

    As for me and my house… We shall not keep quiet!! We shall ask questions and we shall go to him!! What about you?? Selah!!

    Timely Wisdom…. Freely Share!!

    Segun Coker


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