Sometimes I Believe In Pre-Destination


    Pre-destination is known as determinism in philosophy.There is also no clear cut delineation between determinism and fatalism.All are of one family,stressing in concurrence that man is helpless and has no control on what happens to him.In other words,man is hurled into an intricate web by a force beyond his control.Put in another way,he is like a chaff in the wind that blows him to a direction he has no control of.Before he was sired,his affairs had already been pre-programmed.

    The locus classicus of pre-destination is Odewale in The Gods Are Not To Blame,by Ola Rotimi.

    At birth,by the request of the baby’s parents who were curious to know what the future held for their first chromosome,Ogun Priest foretold that he would kill his father and then marry his own mother;the only way to avert such tragedy was to kill the new born baby.But the court messenger, Gbonka,who was sent to kill him in evil forest became overwhelmed by pity.Instead,sold him to a foster parent.

    One day,an uncle told him that the man he thought a father was not really his biological father.But didn’t disclose his bona fide father nor his community.As a result,the young Odewale scurried from that home.Went elsewhere and appropriated land for farming.His real father who was a King surfaced to lay claim to the farm land.At that point,he called the trespasser a man from bush community.Odewale could not countenance that affront.Temper erupted.What is more,he murdered the old man.Unknown to him he was his father!

    Still oblivious,he proceeded to his community,Kutuje.A neighbouring community took advantage of the demise of the King to invade the land of Kutuje.He fought their war and conquered.In appreciation therefore,the people of Kutuje had crowned him a King,and as custom demanded,asked that he marry the Queen.

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    Through series of events,it was unravelled that Odewale is from the land of Kutuje and that he killed his father and his wife the Queen,his mother.Divination fulfilled.

    The more Odewale was running away from his fate,the closer he was to it.Till he became a victim of pre-destination.

    So,the Latin would say:
    Que sera,sera(Whatever will be,will be).Truth!

    I am,

    Comrade Princewill A.Dike,Esq


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