Ten Reasons why Amaechi remains one of the best Presidential candidate in 2023.


There people that must go down in Rivers state and Nigerian politics for what AMAECHI carries to come forth.How it will be,nobody knows.He carries a mandate that is beyond his own comprehension.
“Apostle Eugene Ogu”

To this message of God’s prophet it goes to say that AMAECHI is a child of destiny and favour,even though he have not gotten any thing at a platter of gold.


He was a two times speakers of Rivers stat⁶e House of Assembly,and Chairman conference of speakers forum of Nigeria.

Two times Governor of Rivers state and Chairman Nigerian Governor’s forum.

Two times Director General BUHARI campaign organization.

Two times minister of transportation in BUHARI’S administration.

‘The first ikwerre man to become Rivers Governor.

And the,first ikwerre man to become a senior minister


I am using his performance as former governor of Rivers state and minister of transportation as a case study to my claims.

1. EDUCATION FRIENDLY: Before he came on board as Rivers Governor.A positive and purposeful education eluded Rivers people,his educational policy,revived the system.

He built and equipped modern primary schools in all the town’s and cities of Rivers state.

He equally provided free books,bags canvases and school uniforms for the primary school pupils.He also built and equipped modern secondary school and made education free to all Nigerians resident in Rivers state respective state of origin.To the extend port Harcourt was made the world book capital by UNESCO.

2. HEALTH: The health of the people is well _being of the nation.He Built and equipped modern health centers across the over 300 communities of Rivers state.And the upgrading of health facilities in Rivers state.

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3. CONTROL OF CRIME: Before Amaechi became Governor on October 2007 crime and criminality in Rivers state was unprecedented militancy kidnapping and cultism was the order of the day.

He fought it drastically to the extent that he moves with security Chief’s, at night to ensuring that Rivers people sleep with their two eyes closed.

4. LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT: Amaechi was labour friendly,he upheld the dignity and fore_front place of labour,in Rivers state.He ensured that incentive and Remuneration get to them as when due.

He was the first and only Governor in Nigeria that employed 13,200 teachers at a trench.and also hired 400 doctors to include non Indigenes.

5. AGRICULTURE: As if he knew crude oil was going to fail,he started the agricultural revolution in Rivers state,wherein he invested hugely in Banana and fish farm across towns and cities of Rivers state.

6. CORRUPTION FREE: Corruption is a cake worn that have eaten dip the fabric of our nation.Rather than indulge in corrupt practices as Governor,He ran an open administration that is anchored on accountability and due process.

He have severely challenged any Nigerian with corruption case against him,to challenge him court.

7. AMAECHI A DETRIBALISED NIGERIAN: As Governor,he included all Nigerians resident in Rivers state in the scheme of things, He did not center projects in his home local government of ikwerre,rather he ensured that his signature on projects is seen in 23 local government area, and over 300 communities of Rivers state.

8. BEST PERFORMING MINISTER IN PRESIDENT MOHAMADU BUHARI CABINET: He is the minister of the decade,and the best performing minister in BUHARI’S administration.He is delivering on his assignment in the ministry of transportation, and fastly connecting Nigeria by Rail.A feat that have earned him the title of MR CONNECT NIGERIA.

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9. SOCIAL OBJECTIVE: As Governor,he socialized the public policy in drawing of the broadest section of working people into the running of the state and public affairs,developing the creative initiative of the masses and ensuring the peoples right and freedom.

10. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIP: Amaechi,in his capacity as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria, have continued to engage and represent Nigeria in international affairs.To day China USA and other big nations of the world have continued to indicate interest in the development of our transportation sector.


To this connection, having x-rayed the stuff of which Amaechi is made up of.And critically examining his achievements in governance, mostly as a detribalised political leader, I came to the conclusion that Rt hon chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is amongst the best Nigerians that is eminently qualified to lead this political entity called Nigeria.


● Benson Nwachukwu.



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