A vast majority of Rivers indigenes reside in the capital city of Port Harcourt. Some hoping to find green pastures while others hoping to make their pastures greener. Some hoping to find security while others for the luxury of the city.
    If their various Local Government Areas were developed and had all the infrastructures, social amenities, job and security, I’m sure many would have all made their LGAs their permanent place of residence and then enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of the area instead of enduring the noise pollution and suffocating in the intense heat of Port Harcourt and at the same time struggling to renew their house rent.
    Thats how it should be.

    The coastal fringes of Andoni, Bonny, Opobo, Okrika and Kalabari would have been a haven for enjoyment and rest. Those in Port Harcourt would have taken breaks from work just to spend holidays in these beautiful islands and bathe in her silver-surfaced beaches and watch the sun-ray gracefully magnifying itself on the Atlantic ocean.
    Thats how it should be.

    Ogoniland and Orashi region would have been a paradise divided between Real Estates and multi-national industries, while Elele and Etche would served as Commercial centres.
    Port Harcourt would only maintain her status as the seat of government and her inhabitants would jostle to visit other parts of the state.
    Thats how it should be.

    At weekends, kids would cry aloud “Helo daddy, please take me to Opobo island. I want to take some photoshots with King Jaja’s monument and watch the ocean-wave crashing on the bank.” Then a beautiful little blue-eyed angel in a prestigious University in Ahoada would call her guy who lives in Abonnema and say “Hey buddy, I am on my way to Abonnema city. I want to spend my weekend at the shore of Sombreiro river and gaze at the sun when it fades away. I love the gracefulness of the setting sun so dearly especially the blue-rays it portrays.”
    Thats how it should be.

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    By and by, White folks at the Carribbean beaches would say to their African counterparts “Hey guys, we heard your brothers in Rivers state Nigeria now has a better place than this. Lets go there menn..,” and they would come and refuse to go back.
    Thats how it should be.

    By this time, industrial activities in Eleme must have been controlled and skyscrapers standing in towers especially along the Aleto water channel even far across the point where the salt water and fresh water only kiss without having deep affection or romancing with each other, while another line of Skyscrapers built along the Ebubu/Eteo water basin.
    That’s how it should be.

    The Airport located somewhere near Saakpenwa along the Ogoni/Eket road would aide the journey of footballers who play the round leather object in the newly built stadium between Oyigbo and Tai and the manufacturing industries at Etche. By then, the rapid development in Port Harcourt must have eclipse Emohua and Ikwerre LGAs and southward to Okrika, all becoming mega cities.
    Thats how it should be.

    You see, the vegetation of Rivers state creates an opportunity for a massive development. The vegetation spans from Mangrove swamp forest to Freshwater forest and Tropical Rainforest with topography ranging from low-lying alluvial plain to undulating deltaic alluvial plain which is to our own advantage.
    We can develop this land. We can transform it to one of the best places on planet earth and enjoy ourselves and even travel on road running as far as from Omoku to Bonny island. With that, an Ahoada guy can marry an Andoni lady, an Okrika guy can marry an Abua lady while an Eleme guy can marry an Opobo lady, without the fear of boat mishap, smiling sweetly.
    Thats how it should be.

    Jonah Okpabi

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